Wednesday 18 September 2019

Missing the Point about Liz Warren...................from Rico

Sure, admittedly the monikers 'Fauxcahontas' and 'Liawatha' apply 100% to the Marxist Democrat Liz Warren who badly wants to be President in 2020.
- They are pithy, edgy, and funny as all Hell...
But the entirely 'miss' the point by a country mile.
- She wittingly, intentionally, voluntarily and willingly CHOSE to fuck over every one who deserved to benefit from any special programs for her own personal benefit.
If some Americans do not understand that she'll happily do the very same thing...fuck them over for her personal gain and satisfaction...then they deserve exactly what she will do to them.
- Every one else, not so much. They will become 'collateral damage' anyway.

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Anonymous said...

And she did it intentionally - or in lawyer speak - with malice aforethought - IOW for personal gain.