Wednesday 18 September 2019

No One 'Needs' An AR-15? Now I'm Convinced!...................from Rico

The American Left has been bleating "no one 'needs' an AR-15" for so many years it has become annoying background noise.
- This poor white Minneapolis man beaten nearly to death by a gang of Somali thugs near metro-Little Mogadishu probably would beg to differ with that. He 'needed' one. Badly.
And when 40# 'smarter than you deplorables are' brains like Beto and Hillary chime in, well...what can I say but I'M CONVINCED! The cat is out of the bag, and their true intentions all along have been displayed.
- NOW I am convinced that I finally do need one!*
As usual, the Left just does not know when to just fucking stop 'pushing' their brand of stupid when they have gone too far over the edge. This is one of the obvious examples of their cluelessness.
- Prepare to get your 'collective' asses kicked Lefties!
*I cut my teeth on the early GI M-16. When I say 'early' I mean the forward-assist had just been added, and the flash suppressor at the muzzle was three open prongs (not the later 'duckbill prongs' and well before the outer 'ring' was added).
- I've seen the 5.56mm rounds bounce-off 'cover' and always preferred the penetration of a 7.62 NATO [read: .308] which turned 'cover' [read: protection] into mere 'concealment' that provided no protection. I have 'resisted' buying an AR-15 for this reason.
- BUT, for CQB firepower [read: personal/home protection from ____________ (fill-in the blank)] I am NOW going to invest in one. The Left so very obviously does NOT want me to have one, that a nice little carbine version has just become a MUST HAVE item.
PS - Fuck you very much Lefties...


Sabre22 said...

Sold my first AR-15 a while ago I picked a POTUS 45 Lower Receiver Group and a few months later I picked up a Ted Nugent Spearchucker upper receiver group. So now I have a President Trump Spearchucker AR-15 eat shit Libtards.

Cargosquid said...

AR-10. Just saying.