Monday 18 March 2024

The Naked truth ....................

 This is a painting by  Leon Gerome। This painting, dated 1896, is based on a 19th century folk saying entitled "The truth is coming out of the well."

The story was like this - once truth and falsehood met each other to settle some issues. As they walked, they went to the side of a well.

lie said, look, what clear water. Let's take a bath.

Needless to say, the truth did not believe the lies. She checked herself. When she saw that the water in the well was really clean, she agreed to the false proposal.

Both of them got off their clothes and went down into the well. In the middle of the bath lie got out of the well and ran away wearing the clothes of truth.

After waiting for a while,  truth came out of the well without seeing  lie return. No,  lie, no clothes. Blinded by anger, the truth went out to find  lie, but seeing the naked truth, the civilized people despised it. Many people came in such a hurry.

True could not convince them despite many efforts and went down to the well in anger, sadness and humiliation.

Since then no one has seen  truth again.

H/T Pete H

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