Tuesday 21 May 2024

A Clown World Trifecta .........from Rico

None of these 'events' pass the sniff test stand alone, combined they reek of Clown World aggressively provoking WW III.

Belatedly realizing they are about to decisivly LOSE the Ukraine war they provoked Russia into, the mental midgets have followed their Gaza 'green flag' gambit by tripling-down on stupid.

It is NOT 'coincidental' or 'happenstance' that:

- Days ago there was an attempted assassination of the Slovak PM.

- Followed by a failed coup attempt in the DR Congo.

- There was just a helo "crash" that killed Iran's President.

PS: Mea Culpa!


I overlooked these obviously 'unrelated' events which add context to observations in the below original message:

- May 7_Assassination attempt on Saudi Crown Prince

- May 13_Turkey's Erdogan warns of a military coup

- May 16_Arrest made for assassination threat to Serbian President Vucic

- May 19_Saudi King hospitalized 

 [?] Full court press by Clown World underway?

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