Tuesday 7 May 2024

Yesterday,Today, and Tomorrow ......from Rico

Yesterday I crapped on the former-Canadian Army and it's new logo.

Today it's the former-US Army's turn in the barrel.


- The USMA Class of 1915's 159 graduates produce two five-star generals (Eisenhower and Bradley, red circles on attached) with 59 others earning at least one star. Each and every man (there were no women) a PATRIOT.


- The USMA has introduced a curriculum including deconstructing patriotismcross-dressing in the military, and gender norms.


- America has already lost its next war.

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Allen said...

eisenhower was part of the attack on the Bonus Marchers. he used tanks, flamethrowers and vomit gas on unarmed WW1 veterans because they were an embarrassment for the administration.

as did patton and macarthur. patton thought they should have done it weeks earlier and used machineguns.

no heroes after than permanent stain as far as I am concerned.