Friday, 24 May 2019

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Only Populists and Stupid People Love Their Countries...............from Dan T

While people of the European Union were heading to the polls to elect members of the phony European Parliament, the unelected President of this manufactured non country has hit out at those who love their countries and yearn to be free of him and his cronies.

President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Junker, does not believe in democracy or the independent nation state. He is an unapologetic globalist who believes that a supranational bureaucracy made up of self-appointed ‘experts’ like himself have the sole right to govern.

For someone with an aversion to the truth, Junker’s outburst to CNN was uncharacteristically candid where he makes public his contempt for the independent nation state and the people who believe in them. (See here)

Being the arrogant petty dictator that he is Junker cannot understand that increasing numbers of people across Europe do not want to be part of his remote, centrally controlled superstate that has destroyed economies with its single currency policy and wreaked havoc on citizens with its open border mass immigration policy.

With the polls predicting a majority for Eurosceptics after the elections one would think that Junker and his cronies would consider a change in direction but no such luck;  the course was set decades ago for a borderless, centrally controlled, multi-cultural United States of Europe and they cannot, or will not, change direction.

He contemptuously dismisses those who believe in nation state democracy as populists and stupid nationalists that love their own countries while hating the EU. Playing the race-card he claims that ‘they don’t like people who come from far away while he does like people coming from far away’.

Read about him here

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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

The Empire Strikes Back Using An Imbecile Of The Highest Order..................from Dan T

With barely three days to go before the most important election in a generation the state is going after the insurgent Brexit Party at the request of the disgraced former Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

Just a week after the Electoral Commission gave a clean bill of health to the Brexit Party’s funding arrangements, they gave notice of another investigation just hours before their final election rally in London.

Their plan to investigate them again using Gordon Brown's accusations of impropriety as an excuse is a sure sign that the political class and the establishment are getting desperate.

The latest polls indicate that the Brexit Party will wipe the floor with the legacy parties which will signal the end of the establishment hegemony over British political life.

The peoples’ resistance is winning the battle against the political class but the democracy deniers are fighting back using every dirty trick in the book.

Widely regarded as an economic illiterate and complete imbecile, Gordon Brown seems to be a strange choice to front a politically motivated attack on a new political movement. This is until one looks at his political history and his previous clash with the Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage, over Brown’s disastrous record as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Read about it here

Hate Speech - Police Interfere in an Election Campaign...............from Dan T

The intervention of a senior police officer into the European elections should be a great cause for concern for everyone who cherishes liberty, democracy and the inalienable rights endowed upon them by their Creator.

Assistant Chief Constable, Mark Hamilton, pictured above, has taken it upon himself to warn candidates to watch what they say during the European election campaign to avoid stoking racial hatred.

During an election campaign his duties as a police officer are to make sure the candidates are able to make their arguments in any way they choose without intimidation, physical or otherwise, and not advise them what they can and cannot say or the manner in which can they say it.

Outwardly Mr. Hamilton masquerades as a police officer but his comments and his job title reveal that he is an active political operative with an agenda to impose.

Assistant Chief Constable Hamilton is the National Police Chiefs Council Lead for hate crimes which is a political role if ever there was one. His job is not serving and protecting the public by applying the law equally and without favour but to impose the governments progressive agenda by rigidly policing political correctness depending on which community is involved.

Read about it here

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Monday, 20 May 2019

Portrait of a Gravy Train Riding, Swamp Dwelling Hypocrite................from Dan T

It’s a sobering thought that Prime Ministers Questions from the House of Commons in Westminster has become so popular it has a global audience in the millions. The weekly choreographed farce is used as a platform for the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition to virtue signal and troll for votes in a phony five-minute joust before the circus is opened up for the rest of the swamp dwellers to join in.

For regular swamp watchers like yours truly it’s an opportunity to look for any sign that the inhabitants of the once envied Mother of Parliaments are doing the job they were elected to do or fulfilling the promises they made during their election campaigns.

It’s also an opportunity to look for new talent and leadership potential that might restore the reputation of the thoroughly discredited House of Commons Conmen and with it a return to the democracy of old.

No such luck. The last session was the usual dross where the communist Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, tried to paint a picture of a Great Britain blighted by African levels of poverty and starvation putting the blame on the Prime Minister, Theresa May, and her policy of austerity.

The whole thing is an embarrassing spectacle made worse by a series of questions by talentless nonentities which makes one wonder how they ever got themselves elected.

Read about him here

2019 Lotus Evora 400 - Jay Leno’s Garage

Design Director Russell Carr points out the important lines and design philosophy behind the Lotus Evora 400.

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This is going to be so much FUN 'heading' to 2020................from Rico

One wonders if this is true of most of the Democrat (C) field of 2020 aspirants...and I include Hizzoner, NYC's Bill DeBolshevik right along with Mayor Pita Bootygiggles.

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Saturday, 18 May 2019

Churchill and The Iron Lady Are Rolling In Their Graves.................from Dan T

Embarrassing doesn't begin to describe the state of the British government. The Premiership of Theresa May has been an unmitigated disaster which has turned a once proud nation into an international laughing stock.

Her amateurish attempt to keep Great Britain locked inside the European Union while pretending to implement the result of the Brexit referendum has not only exposed her own deceit but also exposed the entire Parliament for the treacherous rabble of lowlifes they are.

The great Brexit betrayal and Trump style rallies have propelled Nigel Farage and his newly minted Brexit Party to the top of the polls for the coming European elections leaving the establishment legacy parties floundering in their wake.

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Thursday, 16 May 2019

The Brexit Party - The Fightback Against the Political Class Is On...............from Dan T

After seven years of war and sacrifice the British people trusted their political representatives to do the right thing so that they could raise their families in the prosperity they believed that peace would eventually bring.

As the years passed by that trust was abused to the point where the political class became a law unto themselves and they believed they knew best how the people should be governed.

The relationship descended further into mutual contempt and has now deteriorated into open warfare between the political class and the people they loathe.

Over the decades the political class assumed the Divine Right of Kings to rule unhindered by the people. This Right was once wielded by dictatorial monarchs before the English Civil War transferred that right back to where it rightly belonged.

Taking it upon themselves to institute supranational government, Parliamentarians of all political persuasions have been slowly transferring their legislative responsibilities to an unelected elite in a foreign country without consulting the people.

The ruling elite in Brussels, some of who were enemies and collaborators during the war, took full advantage of their new powers and encumbered the British people with a tsunami of oppressive rules, regulations and laws while simultaneously looting their economy.

Read about it here

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