Sunday 14 July 2024

After surgery Homeless situation ending soon. Fundraiser still needed for another week or so...........

I have had my cancer operation (where they removed 20cm of my bowel/colon) on July 1st and now 3 months recovery time. Until then I will effectively unemployed just to make things even more tricky.

Anyone who would like to make a small donation it will be gratefully received as it is essential that I have somewhere to stay until my op. Sleeping in my car is not good for my health right now. It costs around £70 per night for a room.

The donate button is in the sidebar for anyone wishing to help. I will be eternally grateful for any support I receive.

Thank you for all your continued support. It has literally been a life saver.  Theo

Dr James Thorp .......... from Rico

The good doctor minces his words and is far too civil in merely calling the 'vaxx' the most dangerous va##ine in the history of medicine.

 This singular event inverted medicine from first do no harm to first harm them all.

Saturday 13 July 2024

Waiting for November ..........from Rico

While waiting for November I'll be concluding that BOTH Kid Rock and Frank Zappa were absolutely correct in their observations in re PTSD and there not being enough epoxy.

Federal Court OK's Home Stills ..........from Rico

The Federal Court order and opinion is attached.

 It came too late for Popcorn Sutton and many others who were never asking's 'permission' in the first place...

Friday 12 July 2024

Pop Quiz: Gold & Silver Bullion vs Fiat FRN's.......from Rico

I keep an eye on the FRN$ [Federal Reserve Note] which is a non-redeemable 'claim check' on the full faith and credit of the US Government ... not to be confused with the now-former-Dollar issued by the US Treasury which WAS redeemable in physical Silver and/or Gold bullion.


I also keep an eye on the speculative COMEX (aka CRIMEX) that purports to reflect the daily 'spot prices' of paper Gold and Silver futures contracts.


Then there is the US Mint which sells US coinage in physical Gold and Silver bullion for FRN$.


This is how they compared on 7-11-2023 and 7-11-2024 (in $FRN/one ounce measures):


                        2023            2024

Gold-Mint          $2820          $3220

       -COMEX      $1937          $2421


Silver-Mint        $    76          $    91

        -COMEX     $   23           $   32


[?] The question is this: If one ounce of physical bullion remains a constant value (one ounce remains one ounce no matter what) -

1. Has the cost/price of bullion increased?


2. Has the value/purchasing power of the FRN$ decreased?

Doing my homework ..........from Rico has been wobbly of late, refusing to deliver some e-mails, falsely identifying good e-mails and sending them unseen by me to spam. The 'sort' seems predicated by subj line content.

- Unacceptable for a fee-based private service. I don't care if they are now using a crappy algorithm, AI (which is dumb), have gone 'woke' like Disney, or are kompromat for other reasons.

= I will shortly be replacing them with a privacy-first secure e-mail.

 I'm looking at services with servers in places that have strict privacy laws [Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden], avoiding the servers in 5-eyes countries that collect and share intelligence data from e-mails [NZ, Australia, Canada, UK...and particularly the US which is now a lawless state, I'm concerned about the motives their .gov agencies].

 I think I've found one offshore that owns its servers, has no Google or MSFT taint, uses both symmetric and asymmetric keys for encryption end-to-end, strips the header metadata that identifies recipient and sender's computer, and unlike Proton encrypts subj lines AND the user's address book (I didn't know that about Proton so will not be using them again).

 I will keep the Reagan account 'active' for a while yet but consider it vulnerable and possibly compromised if not completely burned. 

- Their servers are US-based, and their beneficial owner is the slimy crapweasel Michael Reagan who is an embarassment to Ronaldus Maximus and all he stood for.  

Thursday 11 July 2024