Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Hot, Hot Wednesday!

 Or should I say hot hooters Wednesday, woot! 

See, "Hot Girls Nude Links Wednesday (PHOTOS)."

This is probably NSFW, in case you were wondering. I mean, don't show your female desk-cubicle workers these ginormous jugs of jubilation

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Governor Newsom threatens 'Drastic' New Lockdown Order

He's such an ass. 

Newsom started out in March like a master, putting New York's Cuomo to shame. 

But Newsom panicked. He lifted the first lockdown too soon, and the corona started coming back. 

At Fox News, "In the past two weeks, hospitalizations have increased by 89% while nearly 7,800 coronavirus patients were hospitalized."

Newsome already reinstated the mandatory mask requirement, and that's not been going to well, that is, unless you've got some big massive milk cannons right next to you in bed, man!

See, "Statewide Breast Mandate."

Huge, just huge!

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Monday, 30 November 2020

'The Queen's Gambit' Turning Out to Be the Most-Watch Series Netflix Has Ever Shown

It must be the sex, right?

The main character, Anya Taylor-Joy, who plays chess prodigy Beth Harmon (below), has some kinky sex scenes, apparently. Whatever. Maybe I'll start season one tonight, but I want to see her getting pleasured by the big-fat black queen piece or I'm switching back to reruns of "Better Call Saul," sheesh. 

See, "'It's electrifying': chess World Hails Queen's Gambit-fueled Boom."

Oh Fock China. Just Fock 'Em

Cross-posted, "Australia demands apology after Chinese government spokesperson shares ‘falsified’ and ‘repugnant’ depiction of Australian soldier."

Why, oh why, is the Chinese minister's tweet not flagged as "disinformation" by the "woke" Twitter memory-hole apparatchiks? 

You know the answer. Big Tech, Big Pharma, the NBA, they're all in the tank for Beijing and they greedily grab for the potential market of billions and billions of endless consumers. Truth and decency be focking damned. 

At CNN, "Australia demands apology after Chinese official tweets 'falsified image' of soldier threatening child."

And at the Syndey Morning Herald, "China fires back at Morrison, doubles down on war crimes accusation."

So brazen. I'd personally like to kick Chinese diplomat Zhao Lijian right in the teeth.

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Saturday, 28 November 2020

Trump Pardons Michael Flynn

Cross-posted here, "Thanksgiving Pardon for Retired United States Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn."

Leftists destroyed this man's life as a political vendetta. He was convicted on a "process" crime with no substantial underlying linkage to the allegations of electoral collusion with the Russians. 

Now he's received a presidential pardon, but how does someone rebuild one's life --- a life of patriotism and exemplary national service --- after a diabolical ideological smear campaign like this?

Thank goodness for President Trump. 

Background at NPR, "Trump Pardons Michael Flynn, Who Pleaded Guilty to Lying About Russia Contact, and at NYT (with fear and trepidation, lol), "Trump’s Pardon of Flynn Signals Prospect of a Wave in His Final Weeks in Office." 

And for the analysis, see Grim's Hall, "Michael Flynn Pardoned":

In a particularly grueling miscarriage of justice, retired general Michael Flynn had to be pardoned for a crime of which he was innocent. Investigated by the FBI at the behest of President Obama, who decided for some reason that Flynn was a Russian spy, Flynn was cleared of all charges as a result of the investigation. The FBI closed the case. 
He was prosecuted anyway by a politicized Department of Justice, which nevertheless failed to produce the only piece of evidence it allegedly had against him. That evidence would have been the original "302" form showing that the FBI agents who interviewed him thought that he'd lied to them -- about a case in which the FBI had already cleared him. No such 302 was ever produced, allegedly being lost, but we do have one that we happen to know was edited long after the fact by disgraced liar and political agent Peter Strzok. We know this because he discussed it in unencrypted text messages with his lover, also-married disgraced former prosecutor Lisa Page. 
After a financially ruinous prosecution in which the FBI/DOJ produced almost none of the exculpatory evidence that the law requires them to produce -- including the record of the investigation that completely cleared him on all charges -- Flynn's sorry lawyers convinced him to plead guilty. This was done in such a way that the DOJ and his sorry lawyers (perhaps motivated by one of their partners, a former Obama attorney general) made an illegal deal to hide the agreement not to prosecute Flynn's son from the judge! Not only did the judge lack the information he needed to discern whether the guilty plea was coerced, anyone against whom Flynn later might have testified as a result of the deal would have been denied their constitutional right to know of the deal so they could raise it as a defense against the value of his testimony. 
That judge -- a personal friend of Obama's, it turns out -- wasn't upset about the fact that the law firm and the DOJ conspired to hide these facts from him in violation of the law. His ire was for Flynn, whom he accused of selling out his country even though the DOJ had never even attempted to charge Flynn with that. What they charged him with was perjury for "lying" to the FBI (in the vanished 302), and a paperwork violation for which the FBI investigation had already cleared him. 
(They cleared him of the FARA violation because he had in fact filed paperwork with the government under another act, on the advice of lawyers he hired specifically to help him meet the legal reporting requirements -- thus, he had not tried to hide his lobbying work for a NATO ally, and clearly they could not s how criminal intent. DOJ knew all of that and made him plead guilty to it anyway, if he wanted them not to send his son to prison on trumped-up charges too.) 
Then we spent a year while Flynn's new lawyer, Sidney Powell, managed to get all the exculpatory information illegally hidden from him in the first place. None of it convinced the judge one bit to let Flynn withdraw the coerced guilty plea, nor to accept the DOJ's determination that it should probably actually drop those baseless charges after all. Ordered to drop the charges by the DC Court of Appeals in a three-judge ruling, the judge instead sought en banc approval to continue the case. He was granted it, provided he would dispose of the matter with "dispatch." That was now several months ago, and instead of disposing of the case he has been dragging it out towards an obvious intent to sentence Flynn in spite of his innocence. 
What this case shows is how completely distorted our system has become...
Still more.


Thursday, 26 November 2020

Women Whip Out Their Tokin' Topless Tits for Weed Wednesday (PHOTOS)

Massive toking tits!

Dozens and dozens of topless cannabis babes, and some pot pussy shots too.

See, "Weed Wednesday."

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Belle Dephine: Viral Anime YouTube Sex Kitten (PHOTOS AND VIDEO)

I have no words. 

Well, actually, I have one: brilliant. This little pixie has brilliantly monetized her pussy like I've never seen before. I mean, if you're aiming to be well-informed about the culture, this tart's packin' an encyclopedia of penis-pleasing tips to generate page views. 

Even if she was banned by YouTube, she'd still be the most successful little social (sex) influencer in the British Commonwealth, if not the entire world. Sheesh!

It's Belle Delphine (nude)

You want a real-life anime doll? Seriously. She's a 21-year-old South African-born British fashion model, social media celebrity (influencer), and (temporarily) banned YouTuber with an "Only Fans" naked porn page. She's also posted nude videos to Porn Hub --- seriously, she was still wearing braces when she first started posting to Porn Hub. (Yeah, well, I guess that's part of the nude attraction.)

More, "Belle Delphine Says Her YouTube Account Was Terminated 'Without Warning' Over 'Sexual Content'."

Melbourne Teen 'Knocked Out' During Brutal Eviction from Croydon Pub (VIDEO)

They kicked him out of the pub for being "too loud." Right. So he climbed the fence, strolled back in to join his friends, and poured himself another. Then gurgle, gurgle whack! 

Playmate Iryna Topless Gallery? And Sex Tape?


It's like the search for the Holy Grail. This woman guards the secrets of the holy bodacious mounds like a medieval revelation.

See, "New Iryna Photos and Topless Gallery."

BONUS: "Big Iryna Underboob." 

And don't forget the sex tape

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Monday, 23 November 2020

Dozens of Nude Women in the Shower (PHOTOS)

They're all here. 

See, "Salacious Sunday Showers: Dozens of Nude Women in Private (PHOTOS)."

Huge, huge women! 

Definitely NSFW

Big and Busty in Bikinis: Abby and Katy

Both are sensational Twitter bikini models. 

See, "Blonde Katy." (She'a brunette, but she's trying out different colors to offset those humongous tanned honkers in that skin-tight bathing suit, dang.)

And "Abby All Naturals in Skimpy Brown Swimsuit with Tits Out on the Deck of a Massive Yacht."

You won't be disappointed in big-breasted Ms. Abby -- what a find! 

Busty Shendelle Schokman Photos and Video

This lady needs to make a comeback! Her bronzed bazongas are literally to die for.

We've got photos and video. 

This chick shows up in the blog search results like a crazy. People are looking all over the web to get a look (and a taste!) of those humongous milk jugs, dang!

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Sunday, 22 November 2020

Devious Smokin' Wench Kate Mara Getting It 'Doggie-Style' (VIDEO)

Watch: "Risque Kate Mara 'Doggy Style' Scene From the New Hulu Series, 'A Teacher' (VIDEO)."

For such a mini-little thing, this woman's got ample assets --- I mean, she boosts her tits all the time on the show, wearing low cut tops with massive cleavage.

You'd pound that wench doggie-style too!

Wow! Over Four-Dozen Photos of Big Busty Nude Women in Fishnet

 You won't believe your eyes. 

They're flashing pussy too!

Here,  "Big Busty Women in Fishnet."

This is pr0n, lol. 


Busty-Bikini County Babe

You won't believe the humongous honkers on this redneck hottie! 


See, "Big-Breasted Country Girl."

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Take a Break from Politics with Lindsey Pelas and Her Glorious Milk Cannons

Very large boob stock, dang. And massively low-cut cleavage with her big nipples pushing through that slinky-tight chemise she's got on. 

Dang, dang, dang it all I'm throbbing!