Thursday, 18 July 2019

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Cartoon Round Up....

Ask not IF, but WHY..................from Rico

We pretty much know the WHY did Obama remove the citizenship question from the US census part already.
- That Commie twinkletoes Musloid salad-tosser never did anything unless it was harmful and/or damaging to the US.
With a pResident like that, who needed enemies?
- Which segues nicely into WHY the comrades & kept-whores in the MSM all refuse to properly frame the question "why did Obama remove it" and present the false debate as "should the question be on the census?" while neglecting the fact that it was on the census form for over 100 years and is only now being 'questioned' by the hate-America-first Leftards…

Hate America? Then Leave - President Trump Plays The Media.............from Dan T

President Trump’s ability to fire up his supporters and attract new ones by saying in public what all sensible Americans think in private will go down in annals of political campaigning.

By deliberately creating a media frenzy with a couple of Tweets, President Trump has not only consigned the Democratic Primary candidates into temporary obscurity, he has successfully triggered the demented left and the mainstream media into exposing the utter lunacy of the America hating, anti-Semitic communists who are challenging the leadership of the Democratic Party.

President Trump’s statement is totally reasonable and makes perfect sense; if these ingrates hate America so much why don’t they leave? He also suggested they fix their countries of origin or allegiance then come back and enlighten the world how they did it.

This applies especially to the ingrate, Ilhan Omar, who represents the Minnesota 5th District in the House of Representatives. Fleeing her native Somalia, this vile anti-Semite was rescued from a Kenyan refugee camp and given sanctuary in America where she enjoys the same freedoms and constitutional rights as any other American citizen.

She has repaid her debt to the American people with a torrent of anti-American rhetoric and abuse including belittling the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre. She claims she felt safer in the Kenyan refugee camp than in America which makes President Trump's offer even more relevant.

Read about it here

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

VP Phone Home

Work hard..............

H/T Liz B

H/T Liz B

Deutsche Bank Run a la Lehman?................from Rico

Art imitates life, life imitates high school...and Deutsche Bank imitates Lehman.
Deutsche is bleeding $1 billion per day as counterparties  pull their liquid exposure [read: money] from it, fearing their liquidity may be trapped as happened with Lehman's collapse.
- The FTV wonks call this a 'liquidity run' [read: it's a bank run].
Deutsche shares are falling in value, at the same time.
- Note the similarity of what happened to Lehman shares as it died.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

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Cartoon Round Up....;

Socialism is the Problem, NOT the Solution.................from Rico

These four Communist harpies are part of the problem, not the solution.
- Calling it 'Democratic Socialism' is like saying 'sociopath' instead of 'psychopath' because it sounds nicer to stupid people who don't understand it's the same thing.
These mental midgets want a Socialist Utopia for America, whether you understand they were put forward by the Left-radical "Justice Democrats" [pro-tip: when the word 'justice' is in play, you can bet your ass that's the last thing on their minds] or that they call themselves Democratic Socialists, they are Communists.
Look to Venezuela as a template for what their plans and policies can do for America.
- Venezuela has achieved a Socialist paradise with almost equal distribution of hunger and lack of basic necessities. Featuring 46,000% inflation, empty grocery stores, mass starvation, fuel and power shortages, plus total economic collapse.
Yay! Socialism is GOOD, and Democratic Socialism is more BETTER!

007 Is Dead...............from Rico

Ian Fleming's books were better than anything Hollywood ever produced, but once Sean Connery stopped playing 007, the character died for me. He defined the movie role, and everyone that came afterwards was not-as-good.
- I mean, c' one but Basil Rathbone could ever be good enough to make me suspend disbelief either.
Now the politically-correct police have officially murdered 007.
- 007 really IS dead this time...

Remember when...

H/T Doverthere

End the Fed? Why that's crazy................from Rico

Does "END THE FED" sound like a crazy, radical idea to you?
- How about IF you understood that the FED is no more 'federal' than FedEx is?
- How about IF you understood there are no 'reserves?'
How about IF you understood that Federal reserve Notes (FRN's) are only 'redeemable' for other FRN's and nothing else? [remember: The 'old' Treasury Dollars which were redeemable for Silver once upon a time.]
Gawrsh, their HQ building in DC sure 'looks' governmental, doesn't it?
- It's purposely meant to seem that way, to appear as part of the government. It is not.
It's all a SCAM, and beginning in 1913 America has been hoodwinked, lied to, and its pockets picked clean.
TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE. There's a very good reason why no one, but no one, (the Paul's being the exception that proves the rule) will tell you this:
- The FED was created and designed by Mssrs. Morgan, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg and Kuhn-Loeb. Any of those names ring a bell?
- The FED is a private 'banker's bank.'
- The FED is owned by banks, and pays dividends on its shares...which are owned ONLY by banks.
= The FED is a private, for profit, bank. They are looking after themselves and NOT YOU, America.
Does "END THE FED" still sound like a crazy, radical idea to you now?


H/T Doverthere

Friday, 12 July 2019

'Maxim' Model Hannah Palmer Flashes (PHOTOS)


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Omar-Angry Purple-haired Woman..............from Rico

Ill-wind Omar (C-MN) is truly a dumbass. She just called ILLEGALS "undocumented Americans"...
- What part of ILLEGAL does this cvnt not understand? I guess her BA in Political Science from the University of North Dakota included a minor in Stupidity.
Clue for you, you ungrateful Marxist twat: ILLEGALS have NO 'rights'...
But, in all fairness, today's Democrats (C) make absolutely no distinction between their Leftist agenda and reality.
- "They are as unaware of what they do when awake, as they are when they are asleep."
                          - Heraclitus
At least now we know why this angry Marxist vagina wears a head-scarf:
- To hide her purple hair! [rimshot]