Thursday, 25 February 2021

Communism's Fetid Stench................from Rico

 We are living in the ruins of our Republic while the Democrats [C] loot what remains.

- Not to forget they have sold-out America for foreign cash.


$oros runs Obama, Obama runs Joe Bai Den.


That fetid stench is Communist ass...

Fauci and Covid explained...................from Rico

 In one picture...

COVIDIOCY.................from Rico

 Liberalism IS a mental illness, and uber-progressives are raving lunatics.

- They are sick. Mentally ill.


It was evil and diabolical to weaponize hypochondria and convince the gullible, naive, and stupid that they were the ones who were 'sick' and needed to be cured.


Look at the four horsemen  on the attached, and understand they are (1) not your friends, (2) not humanity's friends, and (3) they want to either control you and/or have you dead.

- Six of one, or half a dozen of the other.

We're gonna need a LOT more Weimar money...................from Rico

 At this cash-burning rate, we're gonna need a LOT more Weimar money...

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Voluptuous Knockout Jamie Graham Nude (Photos)

This voluptuous babe was discovered by Playboy while she was at Ohio State, and she was picked up and became a nude phenom and Playboy celebrity hottie. 

And dang, check those massive honkin' all-naturals on this chick!

See, "Voluptuous Knockout Jamie Graham Nude All-Naturals (Photos)."

Definitely a honkin' total nude delight! 

Monday, 22 February 2021


When Ronald Reagan won the Presidency in 1980 there was NO alternative media, no Conservative talk radio and no Fox News - there was only the Big 3 - ABC, CBS and NBC - and the NYT, WaPo, LAT and Chicago Tribune - ALL of media was Leftist and they controlled the narrative 100% AND they controlled both Houses of Congress for FORTY YEARS. Nowadays we have Fox, OAN, the New York Post, Washington Times, Washington Examiner,  Conservatives OWN talk radio and we have our own social media (MeWe, Parler, Gab, Signal and Telegram) plus whatever we can slip past the censors on FB and Twitter. We have BEAUCOUP resources and WE ARE THE MAJORITY. We got this, people! Get the word out, say it LOUD and SAY IT PROUD!

Conservatives are for FREEDOM:
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Assembly
Freedom of Religion
Freedom of Conscience
Freedom to Keep and Bear Arms
THEY - the so-called "Liberals" - are against all of the above, and more they want to give our country away to Communist China, to the Globalists via Paris Climate Accord (an unratified ergo illegal treaty) and to millions of undocumented, unvetted illegal aliens pouring across our borders unchecked (and if you say anything about it out comes the Cancel Culture).
if we are to lose America as the last outpost of Freedom on Earth LET US NOT LOSE IT WITHOUT A FIGHT

Cartoon Round Up....


Sunday, 21 February 2021


 I've been chartered to write about survival subjects . . . ping me if this interests you . . . S.L.



One of the greatest single items for bushcraft - or general all-around operational purposes - is parachute cord a.k.a. "para-caord" a.k.a. "550 cord" - I never go anywhere without at least 50 or 100 feet of it. The original 550 cord was so named because its tensile breaking strength is 550lbs; nowadays para-cord can be purchased in regular hardware stores in a variety of breaking strengths. Para-cord can be "gutted" to use the little strings within for various purposes; the ends must always be burned to prevent fraying, which occurs very quickly. The orange para-cord shown here is designed especially for survival kits; it's internals include fishing line, brass wire (for traps & snares) and jute twine. The orange & green item (top left) is a very small survival kit I made from a pill bottle, attached to it is a "Ranger Beads" pace cord (the beads are rubber grommets from M60 fuse igniters - I used to be a military engineer that's where I got them from). A knowledge of knots is useful. Does anybody know what the item is at the bottom of the pic?



Friday, 19 February 2021

Big-Breasted Sydney Sweeney Showcases Monster Tits and Ass (PHOTOS)

She's the busty babe who starred in "The Handmaid's Tale," and during the show, they had her all bundled up in those burka-like costumes, so you couldn't really see her massive honkers.

But they're available, beautifully available, here, "SYDNEY SWEENEY BIG BREAST BIKINI PHOTOS." 


Cartoon Round Up....


Whoa! New Emma Watson Sex Tape (VIDEO)

Well, maybe she picked up some of her redoubtable bedtime skills at Hogwarts.  

"WATCH: New Emma Watson Sex Tape With New Boyfriend (VIDEO)."

This is NSFW, it goes without saying.

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Gal Gadot Nude Scene

Holy cow!

I remember during the promotions for the first "Wonder Woman," when in one interview Ms. Gadot asked, "Do you like my breasts?" 

Well, now I can definitely say, yes, I like them, dang!

WATCH "Israeli Hottie Gal Gadot Spectacular Nude Sex Scene (VIDEO)."

Darn tootin'! 

Thursday, 11 February 2021

H/T Old Dude


What next?...............from Rico

 I have decided for myself what to do.

- I'm NOT playing by their rules anymore, and instead declaring my personal independence.



- By silent, dogged resistance, withdrawal, and extreme truculence.

- Ignoring the illegal State, and doing as I please and what I want, NOT what I am told to do.

- Civil disobedience. Period.


A Stalinist political "show trial" in the District of Communists while it's under military occupation has not been 'lost' on me.

- Americans are now as 'free' as the Russians under Stalin or the Chinese under Mao.


Screw that, I'm not playing or participating...I'm on my own.

- We are all now on our own.


PS: kucf idebn

A Sign...............from Rico

 If anyone was waiting for a sign, this is the only one we're going to get...

 H/T Old Dude

Who orchestrated the steal, organized the public officials involved to violate their trust?


this is examined, here, and it is something that has been unexamined to any great extent.

it needs be.   because, it points to a society rotten to the core.   period.   the entire society, not just the Biden campaign.

john jay

A Small Respite.................from Rico

 At a time when the illegitimate Biden 'regime' seems focused on screwing-over America and turning it into a Chinese knockoff of Venezuela, a little "good news" is certainly welcome.

- Ms. Beta O'Rourke will NOT be Biden's 'Gun Tsar' (or Commissar, if you prefer).


It would NOT be cynical enough, however, to consider they have someone even worse in mind...

The 'Green' aka 'Climate' Scam................from Rico

 Figured-out the "Green" aka "Climate" SCAM yet?

- It's an authoritarian Communist fig leaf to mask the stripping-away of your rights and property to give our wanna-be overlords more wealth and our expense, of course.


PS - Using John-fucking-Kerry [JfK] as the front man for this rip-off is intentionally in-your-face and insulting.