Monday 27 May 2024

Homeless now for 12 months. Update: Cancer operation 10th June. Fundraiser ends 9th June.

A year has passed since I became homeless and still nothing on the horizon house wise. The local council have flat out refused to offer me housing. Apparently 57 year old homeless (conservative) men with cancer don't qualify for help.

I will end this fundraiser on June 9th {my 58th birthday}, not because I have found somewhere to live but I have my operation coming where they are going to remove a large section of my bowel/colon (which strikes me as being rather inconvenient) and then 3 months recovery time.

Anyone who still wants to make a small donation it will be gratefully received as it is imperative that I have somewhere to stay until my op. The donate button is in the sidebar.

Thank you for all your support. It has literally been a life saver.  Theo

F.NYC: Stalinesque Kangaroo Show Trial ........from Rico

Judge Merchan:

The jurors do not need to believe a crime was committed in order to convict Trump of unlawfully hiding a crime he never committed.



Saturday 25 May 2024

Remember? How can you?.......from Rico


How many have given their service, their suffering, and their lives for you.

Memorial Day - The Unspoken Part Spoken .........from Rico

While I enjoy him,I do not always agree with Joe Rogan. Neither do I 'trust' him or take him at face value, suspecting he is 'controlled opposition' (many of us could say the same things yet none of us would be uber-popular or $ucce$$ful) having taken the 'golden ticket' ....

That said he is 100% on target about veterans.

Those incapable of violence are not 'peaceful' but are instead 'harmless.'

Wednesday 22 May 2024

High as a kite ..........from Rico

JoeBamainflation...even at not as high as our drug-addled Commie POS rulers are!

Tuesday 21 May 2024

A Clown World Trifecta .........from Rico

None of these 'events' pass the sniff test stand alone, combined they reek of Clown World aggressively provoking WW III.

Belatedly realizing they are about to decisivly LOSE the Ukraine war they provoked Russia into, the mental midgets have followed their Gaza 'green flag' gambit by tripling-down on stupid.

It is NOT 'coincidental' or 'happenstance' that:

- Days ago there was an attempted assassination of the Slovak PM.

- Followed by a failed coup attempt in the DR Congo.

- There was just a helo "crash" that killed Iran's President.

PS: Mea Culpa!


I overlooked these obviously 'unrelated' events which add context to observations in the below original message:

- May 7_Assassination attempt on Saudi Crown Prince

- May 13_Turkey's Erdogan warns of a military coup

- May 16_Arrest made for assassination threat to Serbian President Vucic

- May 19_Saudi King hospitalized 

 [?] Full court press by Clown World underway?

Monday 20 May 2024

Cartoon Round Up....


RE: Government Nano-Particle Experiments and You: An Open Conspiracy

Demonstrated, proven, and known LIARS are (and have been) LYING to us.

- Not enough of us yet KNOW this.

Glad I followed 'Samizdat' during the Cold War with the USSR, in particular Solzhenitsyn (though there were others).

How dismaying to see Western 'modern science' now perverted and inverted under the Globalist Communists who are a malicious, gay, retarded, and more flawed version of the old Communists. 


2 Genders and 31 Kinds of Gay ..........from Rico

The 'woke' LGBTQ-WTF mafia can wash a Jumbo Steamed Dump with their choice of Starbucks gay coffee drinks.

Sunday 19 May 2024

Pic Dump...............

Don't let the door hit 'ya ........................from Rico

 ...where the good Lord split 'ya!


It would be worth any amount of money if JoeBama and his 'supporters' [read: Team Obama] would make a fast one-way trip to China and stay there!

Friday 17 May 2024

disHonest as the day is long ........from Rico

The Biden Crime Family has 'been on the take/selling-out America' for the half-century Pedo Joe has been a Democrat [$C$].

Ignoring their 233 bank accounts and 175 LLC's [read: layering and structuring aka financial fraud/money-laundering] there's no evidence.

Life would be less without them ..........from Rico

I can add nothing ...

Thursday 16 May 2024

Courtesy of Mr. 10% ........from Rico

Quote: "Inflation hit a cumulative 20%."

- The Hill 05/15/24

= No 'mean' tweets from the bad orange man, but you get the horse dick of Communist economics up your ass instead.

Let them eat diversity ..........from Rico

In 1947 a family of four could eat for a week at a cost of $12.50 ...

In 2024 a family can't put just $12.50 worth of groceries into a shopping cart (not even the small tray up by the handle) but they can 'celebrate' the most 'diverse' assemblage of freaks, fruits, nuts, faggots, Communists, pedophiles, perverts, and fairies to ever call itself a government.

Oh yay!

"Inlation is the surest way to fertilize the rich man's field with the sweat of a poor man's brow."

- Daniel Webster