Monday, 29 June 2020

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Marxist BLM Lies...................from Rico

BLM, founded by Marxists and affiliated with The Nation of Islam, is a LIE.
- Gee, who could have seen that coming?

Second Lockdown or Stupid Redux..................................from Rico

The beatings WILL continue until your attitude improves.
Be honest.
- The LEFT [read: Democrats] are desperate, they have nothing left (pardon the pun), and they are emotionally incontinent.
- You have obviously NOT been cowed-coerced-controlled enough.
Our self-selected 'elites' will apparently NOT allow us to live freely and pursue happiness...if there is the slightest opportunity to make us all their dependents.
It would be wise to have your beans-bullets-bandaids replenished/resupplied NOW before the next 'wave' of BS hits.
When in doubt, you can choose FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE...or to run about in panic, scream and shout.

An Act of Wampum Destruction

Cartoon Round Up....

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

British Virtue Signallers Are Duped By Black Lives Matter.......................DT

The support for the neo-Marxist political movement known as Black Lives Matter (BLM) demonstrates the frightening power and reach of the mainstream media and their ability to mobilize millions of people around the world to take action about an issue they know little or nothing about.

The fact that supposedly intelligent people in Great Britain allowed themselves to be manipulated into making banal gestures such as ‘taking a knee’ to signal their virtue doesn’t say much for their ability to understand that they are being used in a political campaign to overthrow their own country.

It’s a measure of how brilliantly organized, well-funded and universally supported BLM are when they can manipulate tens of thousands of British people to humiliate themselves in public over the death of a black career criminal on another continent thousands of miles away.

As was the case in other revolutions, the current orgy of destruction and the call for historical statues and images to be destroyed or removed from the public square is part of a well-planned course of action.

Statues and images are just the beginning and the speed with which films, books, television series, including popular comedies are being censored leads one to believe this is not a spontaneous reaction to the death of a career criminal in the USA.

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Cartoon Round Up....