Sunday 14 April 2024

Peter Longerich, Wannsee

An absolutely stunning book.

At Amazon, "Wannsee: The Road to the Final Solution."

The 'will it ever end' Homeless Fundraiser...............

 As previously mentioned I continue to be homeless and in need of a little support. Sadly I don't qualify for help in housing from the council and finding a private let is hampered by a total lack of available properties. Am presently living in my car which isn't so bad, but not the best thing for my COPD. If anyone has a few pennies to spare please hit the link in the sidebar. Any donations will be gratefully accepted and wisely spent on bed and breakfasts, as the occasional night in a proper bed is a much needed thing. I hope that none of you have ever been in this highly unenjoyable situation, because it's not a lot of fun and I can only hope that a place to live will appear in the near future.

Thanks in advance. Theo

Chateau Citroen 

Update: I remain homeless but thanks to some incredibly kind donations I get to sleep in a bed every now and again. So anyone who still wants to make a small donation it will be gratefully received.

Now am being fast tracked for Bowel Cancer. 

KAYFABE? ........from Rico

Is the latest Iran-Israel fireworks show kayfabe [a portrayal of scripted & staged events as if they were true, creating an illusion of reality]?

Considering that:

1. This concept has been around since Plato's Republic (the cave allegory) circa 375 BC.


2. All the players today are known liars and yuge assholes.

Well, draw your own conclusions.


Played for suckers .....from Rico

Many were easy 'marks' for the professional scammers and con artists...some still are and remain oblivious to their having been played for suckers, or that the fakery continues.

Pic Dump...........

Unlimited Idiocracy ........from Rico

Clown World has failed to learn that (a) past performance/success [WW II] is no guarantee of future results, or (b) to learn from its failures [Ukraine proxy war] and instead foolishly huffs, puffs, and bluffs on the road to nowhere while oblivious to circumstances no longer being one-sided or risk-free, or that what worked before isn't working today...won't tomorrow...and pronouns plus DEI don't mean shit in the real world; so here we now have Iran vs Israel (forget 'standing with Ukraine' it's now 'stand with Israel'...put another way 'Eurasia has always been at war with Oceana.').

Saturday 13 April 2024

Something 'Changed' ...........from Rico

Something' sure changed from the America of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders to the America of Obama's Rump Rangers.

Friday 12 April 2024

Homeless Inc......

Thinking about starting a homeless experience company, so people can see what it's like. You can learn what's it's like for normal people, including families who have ended up in this shit situation through no fault of their own.

Thursday 11 April 2024

Good news, Bad news, No news ......from Rico

Good news.

- Bank 'holidays' will NOT be needed.


Bad news.

- Any money you 'think' you have in the Bank will be worthless.


No news.

- Not at all discussed:

. What happens to investment assets after a cyberattack/EMP?

. Will public companies become de facto private companies 'owned' by their boards...or the government?

. Not to mention everything else that has been memory-holed/spiked [attached].

Japanese Sex ........from Rico

For making the effort to read the Japanese Sex story, despite no hablamo Nihongo, presented are Heather's Hogans.

The Babysitter ........from Rico

Still changing diapers ...

Following the Science .........from Rico

Just not the 'climate science' being spouted by Gretard the mildly-retarded Rothschild relative...

Follow WHO's Lead .........from Rico

'Long Covid' is just another bit of motherWEFer word-play BS and a cover story for the damage from the CoVaxx.

I wonder what the always trustworthy and reliable WHO as led by Tedros the Terrorist has to say about it?

Coming to America? ........from Rico

There is no reasonable doubt that Barry and Team Obama (who have 'droned' Americans already) will both embrace and employ A.I. targeting technology like LAVENDER against American refuseniks and dissidents.

- To them a 10% error rate would not just be acceptable collateral damage, but a positive feature.

On the other hand, Americans that lived a better time already hold these Communis scum in infinite scorn. 

Wednesday 10 April 2024

Who Is The "Enemy?" ........from Rico

The radical American Khmer Rouge claiming power over the Former-USA have made it clear who their enemy is.

Americans are the Enemy

In their own words [attached]:

- Military Veterans..."disgruntled" about the takeover of the US.

...their enemies list goes on from that starting point.

Consider the gauntlet not only thrown, but flung back after it's been used for bum wipe.

Tuesday 9 April 2024

Cartoon Round Up....


Operation Warp Cancer? .........from Rico

Cancer deaths to jump per American Cancer Society.

Gawrsh! It's almost as if this is the result of Operation Warp Cancer!

America LAST ...........from Rico

With an unelected and unrestrained gay radical America-hating Communist ruling it is no surprise to see illegals prioritized over legal citizens, and better provided for than veterans.

And none of these 40# brains understand why military recruitment is failing for all armed services.

This is like watching Team Obama repeatedly backing up the "Titanic" to keep making runs at the iceberg.

Sunday 7 April 2024

100% FOR DEI .........from Rico

For clarity I do NOT refer to that woke cultural Communist joke DEI [read: Didn't Earn It] but it's antithesis                   


              Deport Every Illegal.

Saturday 6 April 2024

The never-ending joke .........from Rico

How much more insane drivel will we be forced to endure before "Big Mike" is ready to leave his closet?