Wednesday 28 February 2024

The Continuing Homeless Fundraiser...............

 As previously mentioned I continue to be homeless and in need of some financial support. Sadly I don't qualify for help from the council and finding a private let is hampered by a total lack of available properties. Am presently living in my car which isn't so bad, but not the best thing for my COPD. If anyone has a few pennies to spare please hit the link in the sidebar. Any donations will be gratefully accepted and wisely spent on bed and breakfasts, as the occasional night in a proper bed is a much needed thing. I hope that none of you have ever been in this highly unenjoyable situation, because it's not a lot of fun and I can only hope that a place to live will appear in the near future.

Thanks in advance. Theo

Pick A Side ..................from Rico

 While two gay radical Communists [Barry &   Mike] run amok trying to build their delusional version of a New World Odor (in no small part fueled by replacing Americans with illegal invaders) there are many who know the fraud for what it is and (a) are saying oh Hell NO Globohomo! and (b) are all-in for Trump.


There is no middle ground or compromise at this point. It is time to pick a side.

Cartoon Round Up....


Tuesday 27 February 2024

BANANARAMA ...from Rico

Brought to you by the retarded dancing monkeys of diversity.

Joseph Stealin .......from Rico

I can add nothing to this comrades...

500,000 Dead Children ...............from Rico

 ...and still counting!


CDC's own data shows 500,000 children globally were killed by the 'vaxx' with excess deaths among children skyrocketing weekly in 2021 following introduction of the 'vaxx.'

Soooo bloody true......

Sadly I know how it feels.....

You Will Own Nothing ......from Rico

It's not as if they haven't been telling us... gloatingly I might will own nothing. - The details have been shared with us. The devil is in the details. Laws have been/are being 'changed' stripping security owners of their property rights and giving them instead "security entitlements" making investors unsecured creditors. [read: in the event of a failure unsecured creditors are last in line to be paid, if paid at all.] Sound far-fetched? Years ago the brilliant investor Jim Sinclair was warning anyone who would listen to GOTS (Get Out of The System). - His warning about 'street registration' and Cede & Co went unheeded by most. Short version: In the event of a failure electronic shares are 'owned' by Cede & Co and NOT the investor (unless the investor holds named physical share certificates, extremely rare today). Almost concurrent with this (ref infra) Banking Laws were 'changed.' - Depositors no longer own their money. Upon deposit it becomes the Bank's money and the depositor becomes an unsecured creditor of the Bank. [read this twice: in the event of a failure unsecured creditors are last in line to be paid, if paid at all.]

Bits and Bobs............................

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Marry a Child, Beat My Wife, Rape at Will — Allahu Akhbar!

UK Islamic scholar: ‘If you go outside, you would think you are in a second Afghanistan, but you are in Londonistan’

Middle America Is Dying Hard

The Real Reason Military Recruitment is Failing

Ironic: Ginsburg May Have Given Trump Key to Overturning $355 Million NY Judgment Back in 2019

Will Dems Steal the 2024 Presidential Election Even If Trump Wins? Count on it and Prepare.

The “Airman” Who Set Himself on Fire for Hamas was Antifa Ex-Cult Member

Houthis Knock Out Underwater Cables, Disrupt Communications Between Arabian Gulf and Asia

Monday 26 February 2024

UK Housing Policy in a Nutshell................

 Apparently according to my local council 'refugees'  need their own woke muppet to look after them at the expense of the English when it comes to housing in my country. (see below!) There is no such thing as an Ukrainian refugee. Only about 20% of their country is 'occupied' by that twat Putin. I have an idea for the Ukrainian 'refugees'! Try defending your homeland instead of coming over here to scrounge of us. As for the goatfuckers, enough said!!

As in the UK and the US homelessness is a huge problem but the politicians don't care. The homeless charities are all dependant on having the homeless for their existence. No homeless no reason for being, Bit like Oxfam and the 'starving millions'.

Cartoon Round Up....


A Few Knew? ................from Rico

Few of us 'knew' but a few knew? The gamekeepers are owned by the poachers.

Watch out, it's the far-Right! - Andrew Lawrence

2012 Time Capsule ...

 I was thumbing through a Jan/Feb 2012 Playboy today.


It was much like a cultural time capsule.

- There was the usual male-oriented stuff (cars, cocktails, and wimmins).

- There were NO signs of Cultural Marxism (trannies, homos, LGBTQWTF, or purple haired lesbian Commies).

Sunday 25 February 2024

Size Matters .....from Rico

This invasion (calling it what it is) is gonna leave more than just a 'mark' it'll leave lots of dead bodies.

Boldly Stupid ...........from Rico

After how many years of spouting Russia is gonna lose to Ukraine [read: NATO & us] any day now the stupid smart people of Team Obama [read: dipshits] are doubling-down on full retard.

Mini Pic Dump......

Saturday 24 February 2024

Sucker-punched by .Gov ......from Rico

Dr Vern Coleman said it succinctly "Fake governments faked a disease, faked a test, and faked a remedy."  


Look at the data for excess UK and US deaths and grasp that this was systemic euthenasia and not SARS-CoV-2 virus [think: Midolazam, Remdesivir or in a word Democide*].


*Democide: The intentional murder of people by their own government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder as a result of policy and/or direct action.