Saturday, 19 January 2008


Kids told to bake PC pizza. Britain gets sillier by the day!!

Yob freed early to batter Susan. Hang the scumbag!

The debate over Afghan strategy. The Belmont Club has a good piece.

Iraq forces could control all provinces this year: U.S. About time too

Putin: the brutal despot who is dragging the West into a new Cold War. They lost the last Cold War and they will lose this one.

CIA launches hunt for international computer hackers threatening to hold cities ransom by shutting off power. The CIA couldn't find their own backsides.

Pint of beer 'may cost £4 within year'. It's only £1.60 at the Sailing Club.

Israel test-launches nuclear-capable missile. Target Tehran.

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Anonymous said...

the legal justice in this country is digusting, if the owner of this blog stood for election i would vote for ya