Friday, 15 February 2008


Multiculturalism is making Britain 'a soft touch for terrorists'. Doh! Some of us have known this little nugget for a while!!

The happy clampers: Guards laugh as they lock up job seeker's car within seconds of it being parked. There are times when resorting to violence is justified and this is one of them!

Forget the FTSE, it's farmland that will have investors raking in profits. About time too. Farmland has been underpriced for years.

Schoolgirl who filmed fatal 'happy-slap' attack on mobile phone convicted of aiding manslaughter. Hanging anyone?

Vladimir Putin's nuclear threat to the West. Wanker!

George W Bush hits out at Robert Mugabe. Criticising Mugabe won't work. A squad of marines through the front door will. It is the only solution left.

Iranian president to make first Iraq visit. One sniper, one shot. Make the world a safer place.

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