Friday 21 March 2008

Top Gear: Bugatti Veyron vs Eurofighter Typhoon

H/T Max Bouvier


Daisy said...

they needed a woman driving that car on the way to pick up the kids as the daycare is closing and they will start charging 3 times the daily price for every 15 minutes late...she would have made it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, daisy... she (?)would have made it, but where would she have put the kids and their carseats?

Deduction leading to the conclusion that it was most likely Donald, not daisy, driving.

Anonymous said...

The plane cheated. It didn't land.

Stephen said...

Well that's a large snip of the entire segment.
Did they manage to get through the segment's entirety without expressing anti-Americanism?
All that America bashing put me off the show years ago (not their American car bashing mind you - we agree about that).
Silly segment.
Wonderful, wonderful car.
Happy to endure the silly "race" just to be able to look at the gorgeous beast the Veyron is.
Oh, the Typhoon is certainly effective but not eye-pleasant.

Anonymous said...

Always good to see the RAF beating the Germans--again.

Anonymous said...

The plane should have landed, but it is impossible to have both the plane and the car evenly matched in a race. The plane doesn't have to use the engine to get speed part of the way, but has to climb through the air with great stress, the car on the other hand just has to go equally both times. I believe the car was outmatched in the race, but the vehicles aren't designed for the same terrain. It is sorta like you build a 25' bridge across a lake and you have a remote controlled car on it, but in the water you have a r/c boat. They both face different elements. Think about it though, you have a car like 10' in length and 4' width versus a giant airplane, one has be street legal and one needs to be stealthy. They build them for different things so I say it is a tie because both are built for different stuff!

Anonymous said...

All that America bashing put me off the show years ago (not their American car bashing mind you - we agree about that).

Err..Corvette. Sledgehammer. L-88.

Keep the European cars...but thank you very much for British Music...and philosophy.

Btw that was a cool segment.

Anonymous said...

Bugatti... feh. Trust an Italian to spend a million pounds to get to 60 (or 100) three seconds SLOWER than a $14000 Hayabusa with a $3000 off-the-shelf Mister Turbo installation can.

Who was it extreme enough to turbocharge a supersportbike? Americans, of course.


veyron number 1 fan!!!!!!!!!! said...

Yes, the veyron lost, but it is an astonishing car! 0-60 in 2.5, top speed 253 mph, 1001 bhp!!!!!!!!


It will always be the world greatest car