Sunday 13 April 2008

Royal Navy Field Gun Competition 1993

My US readers may never have heard of this let alone seen it. The Royal Navy....tough as nails. I worked on two Royal Tournaments and never got tired of watching this.


Brian said...

The Royal Tournament was cut by Nulab as a cost cutting measure in its "Cool Britannia" phase in 1999. The RN Field Gun Competition commemorates an action in the 2nd Boer War when RN guns were hauled across land to help the army. Truly a brilliant, dangerous extremely skillful exercise requiring great strength and teamwork. The BBC made a great documentary series about the training for the competition. And Nulab now wonder why the public know little about the Armed Forces.

Anonymous said...

I'm gobsmacked the tournament is no more, what a pile of nit picking, penny pinching arseholes.

I was part of an Australian tournament contingent in 1987 and have never forgotten the camaraderie and excitement that filled the fart drenched accommodation areas above the arena.

I'd never seen the field gun comp before that visit and still can't shut up about it after a few beers.

Makes you want to weep, that and the story about the poor bastards KIA overseas being carted home like so much old laundry.

I'm proud of the union flag in the corner of our flag, but Blair and Brown have diminished it.

Anonymous said...

I think I saw this performed at an Edinburgh military Tattoo, when I was a kid.
You'd think people'd learn from voting in Labour governments.

Anonymous said...

Tough as Nails? maybe in 1993.

Now, patrol boats driven by drippy female divs surrender to any iranian fishing boat.

Navy do love their traditions and cliches..

"It takes 500 yrs to build a reputation and 5 minutes to destroy it"

has been replaced with...
"We prefer to step back from confrontation"

Anonymous said...

I remember watching the field gun competition many times as a kid. Still fills me with awe today. Dear Gordon, some things are worth paying for!


Anonymous said...

This is very impressive, GB and those of Her empire have a long history of bravery and sacrifice.

Very sad to see tournaments and contest such as these cut. GB has fallen beneath the waves and my country, The US is right behind you. We are a hairs breath from rushing down the same path.

Guess the chinese will get to run the world, surely will be a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

At leeast these are still doing it.