Saturday, 24 July 2010

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Juno Moneta said...

As any fewl knows, Magrahi, was not guilty and his appeal would have uncovered a conspiracy at the top levels of government. America’s, as well as ours in the UK. That is according to evidence uncovered by the UK Magazine; Private Eye.

I must admit it is very compelling. Search Google for “The Lockerbie Files” but here is a summary:

“This report was written by Paul Foot, Private Eye's veteran investigative journalist. It describes the mistakes and the coverups in the investigation; how of the two key witnesses in the prosecution of al-Megrahi one was an unstable paid CIA informer, and the other was unreliable in his identification of the Libyan suspect; how an act of terrorism linked to Syrian terrorists was blamed on Libyans for political reasons; how the official story ignores facts such as a security breach at Heathrow airport the day of the disaster.
Al-Megrahi is currently being sent back to Libya on 'humanitarian grounds'. Current Private Eye reporting claims that this is to stop his appeal against the conviction with its potential to embarrass the British justice system as well as security service investigators.
This is not a wacko conspiracy theory but serious reporting by a respected journalist and publication.”

I couldn’t find it on Google, but do have a copy and could link of wanted. I would love to know your readers views.