Friday, 30 March 2012

Rhyming really well?.................from Rico

It has often been said that if History does not exactly repeat, it does rhyme very well.

Horst Wessel (a pimp, violent thug, and drug addict), was translated into the rallying song of the Nazi's as the "Horst Wessel Lied" (die Fahne Hoch) and ultimately led to the Reichstag fire that cemented Hitler's grip (legal grip) on power in Germany.
- You should know the consequences of that.

We have already seen that if you do not support the Obama Agenda, you are labeled either a 'terrorist' or a 'racist' (read: supporting the Constitution and founding documents is considered treason).

It is not a big stretch to consider that these same Obamunist apparatchiks, using a fabricated and hyped Trayvon Martin (a drug dealer and violent thug) 'incident' to foment racial violence as a re-election strategy. Cynical, corrupt, hypocritical, pathological sociopaths...'why NOT?' I can hear them saying.
- Never let a good crisis go to waste. (Even if you have to fabricate it.)

Trayvon has apparently become Obama's contemporary Horst Wessel, and all we need are some riots, massive white guilt, the implementation of NDAA (domestic martial law), etc, and we will have our very own 'legal' Reichstag fire, and America as you all once knew it, will die.
- You already should know the consequences of that.

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