Sunday, 29 June 2014

Giving the WORST to the BEST.......................from Rico

Members of the active military and veterans can be proud of serving in the finest military force of all time, and are often called the BEST America has to offer.

- They also happen to be the recipients of the very WORST health care America has to offer (well, until ObamaCare plumbs new depths of worthlessness).

Fellow veterans, please avoid these facilities like the plague.

- I have been a 'guest' of Womack myself, and I care not to ever repeat that experience.

I have a personal grudge against the VA for killing a battle buddy of mine, a retired Army master Sargeant (that's three chevrons up, and three rockers below for civilians). He was a brave man, and I saw him do some absolutely fearless stuff. He deserved better than the VA or America gave him.

- Myself? I'm not getting in line to take a VA number anytime soon,thank you very much. They can instead pucker-up and smooch my hairy ass...

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The Old Man said...

I pay for myself and my wife's healthcare - despite the calls from other vets to enroll in the VA system. If I can't care for us....