Sunday, 29 June 2014

Have you 'noticed' yet?..........................from Rico

With nothing to slow the hordes down at the wide-open US Southern border, there is a "fundamental transformation" happening right before our eyes/under our noses.

Barry-the-imposter calls it a "fundamental transformation" of America, but I think it's more like the Alamo in reverse.

Look at this old map. Our pResident is giving Mexico back its former borders and packing it with 'defenders' at the same time. As an added bonus, the Dem's (C) get a new permanet underclass voting block to help keep their traitorous asses in power a bit longer.

- That Mexican military chopper that fired upon US Border Patrol agents within the US probably considered that they were actually over what should be Mexican territory, not US territory, and Nasty Pelosi's visit recently was probably so that senile old cvnt could apply for Mexican dual-citizenship while simultaneously handing out voter registration packages.

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