Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Internaliz​e This!....................from Dan Friedman

[Sad to say, but the truth is going nowhere. Jew-haters are immune to it and most of the rest can’t face it. In times such ours, when so many are blind, the one honest endeavor is war. And we are going to have one sooner rather than later. df]
American Thinker, June 22, 2014
“...the Palestinian/Israeli conflict is just one battle in a religious war being fought by Muslim zealots throughout the world.”
American Thinker, June 22, 2014
The beauty – or, more aptly stated, the ugliness – in writing about the Middle East is that nothing really changes.  You could do a piece in 2007 about a homicide bomber, or “peace talks” being broken off for some reason or other, or Fatah turning down two unprecedented offers of peace.  The dictates fueling this contention remain the same.

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