Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Iraq News................from DJ

US focus shifting away from airstrikes in Iraq, officials say

Kurdistan Region-Ira​q News in brief. June 18

Peshmarga were Killed in a Fight with ISIS

Iraqi Kurdistan plans to continue oil exports, expects output of 400,000 bpd by year-end

Democrats: Wait, didn't Obama admit force authorizat​ion in Iraq essentiall​y expired?

Peshmarga Will Not Withdraw

'Broken and ashamed': Humiliatio​n at rout hits Iraqi military hard

DJ surmises:

'When the generals loose their nerve or sell out and do an "every man for himself" - you can't blame the rank and file.

They have no resupply, coordination, or support without those HQ/support elements.

The death penalty for those Generals is appropriate - either treason or cowardice in the face of the enemy'

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