Saturday, 28 June 2014

Israel is Getting Too Strong....................from Dan Friedman

[For millennia Jews were weak and vulnerable, living (and dying) by the whim of strangers – exactly the way the world wanted it. But in 1948, after the demonic Jew-hater had already upended most of the world, a Jewish state was born, leaving the Nations profoundly apprehensive. Early on, many found reassurance in the conviction – and likelihood - that the Arabs would destroy Israel in its infancy before it could take any meaningful steps forward. That “hope” was shattered, first during the War of Independence and finally by the Yom Kippur war in 1973. It is around that time that Israel ceased to be depicted as a plucky little state and became a pariah in much of the West and its media. As we all know, the glowing tributes have been replaced by stories of Jewish “cruelty,” “aggression” and “occupation” in the Jews’ own biblical homeland Judea and Samaria. And that abrupt turnabout is no coincidence. It is merely an unpleasant refrain from one of Jewish history’s leitmotifs. Running through the Exodus to the Book of Esther and the Nazi death machine is the idea that the Jews are becoming too powerful and need to be brought into line or destroyed. 
It’s always tempting to think Israel’s strength can turn back all comers, although it seems to be moving along that trajectory. But we should take nothing for granted. More than once, at critical junctures, the Jews and Israelis have become their own worst enemies. Looking at the current state-of-affairs in America with an Islamophile in power, the USA Jewish community missing in action and the Jihad’s march through the Mideast and parts of Europe, it’s not inconceivable that the global anti-Semitic frenzy and its targets, the Jews and Jewish state, will only intensify.
G-d willing, may Israel have already reached critical mass and go from strength to strength from this point on. Israel’s future is bright but the Jews and their states’ struggle may still be far from over. df]

Israeli exports of cyber-related products and services last year reached $3 billion, some 5% of the global market and more than all other nations combined apart from the U.S., according to Israel's National Cyber Bureau (NCB).

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Netanyahu noted that Israel is "a land flowing with milk and cyber."

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