Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Late News.................

Angelina Jolie And William Hague Distract Attention From Peacetime Rape

CDR Salamander​: Shrugging at the Abyss

The Wild Ones and the Mild Ones: The One-Sided War Over Black Terror Week

Physicist: Warp drive unlikely, not necessaril​y impossible

Hickenloop​er: On second thought, I did talk to Bloomberg about gun control

SEALs want more 'Don't Tread on Me' patches, 8 months after controvers​y

House GOP investigat​ors argue IRS targeting influenced by Obama

Consumer prices rise sharply in May

Poll: Almost half of Ukrainians ready to vote for joining NATO

WHITE HOUSE: Not Enough US Citizens In ISIS To Make Air Strikes Worthwhile

How the West Facilitate​s Hamas's Mission

Income gap widens as American factories shut down: Associated Press Business News

World's top 20 museums

Rare stamp could set record at NYC auction

Supreme Court: Congress Did Not Bar Buying Guns as Gifts for Law-Abidin​g Citizens

A True Maverick for Colorado: Who's Afraid of Tom Tancredo?

Obama Regime Releases a Dozen More Terrorists

WHD Exclusive: White House Offered Biden for Bergdahl

U.S. Captures Senior Benghazi Suspect

The ABCs of ISIL: What you need to know about the militants sweeping Iraq

Why Afghanistan Won't End Up Like Iraq

A Country Implodes: ISIS Pushes Iraq to the Brink

Russian navy welcomes most-advanced nuclear-powered attack sub

Chicago Communists Come Home to Roost

Hillary’s book is bombing so badly she’ll need to blame it on a YouTube video

Exclusive: ISIS Will at Some Point 'Turn Its Guns Outward' Towards US

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sykes.1 said...

If Ukraine attempts to join NATO, there will be a nuclear war in Europe.