Sunday, 22 June 2014

Pure Mushrom Food...................from Rico

People are being fed a diet of PURE mushroom food...BS. Fresh. Steaming. Fragrant.

- This explains the level of brain activity for those who accept it these days. You are what you eat, and a steady diet of crap has turned many brains into crap, leaving ~52% unable to question what they are told by their self-anointed betters.



The large banks are NOT too big to fail, that was only the 'excuse' for propping them up with OPM (other people's money). The TBTF's have actually gotten bigger by about a third, and they have used the opportunity to gamble [read: derivatives]. Derivatives are 'bets' and take a look at what these smart guys are "betting" compared to their assets:

- JPM Chase: >gt;71 trillion in derivatives vs. 1.95 trillion of assets
- Citibank: >gt;60 trillion in derivatives vs. 1.3 trillion of assets
- Bank of America: >gt;42 trillion in derivatives vs. 1.4 trillion of assets
- Goldman Sachs: >gt;43 trillion in derivatives vs. 1.13 billion of assets (yes, billion)


The USD is NOT too big to fail either. Following a completely mad scheme of solving too much debt by creating even more debt wile simultaneously debauching the dollar, will finally kill the dollar. It's not 'coming back' any more than a gutted American economy is coming back. Both are going to need to be changed and reset.


Rome was NOT too big to fail either. The decline of their economic and political system paralleled the decline of their currency.


Political LIES are NOT too big to fail either. While discussing the PURE unadulterated BS of todays economics (which is politics) I could NOT resist mentioning the PUREST BS floating around out there right now....that the IRS "missing e-mails" are lost because the hard drives had been destroyed. Anyone who believes this whopper will suffocate under the STEAMING mountain of BS that this is.


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