Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Show me the money?.........................from Rico

Show me the money? Hoo-boy, they (Central Bankers) showed ALL of us the money.

- They failed to mention that the money was worthless.

But the FAILURE is more than that, and it is writ large.

- Let's look at how the 'land of the rising sun' became the 'land of the setting yen'.....

Japan announced a $1.4 trillion QE in 4/2013. This would lead to their printing an amount of money equal to 24% of Japan's GDP.

- This was THE single largest Central Bank monetary program in modern history.

It did not work, and demonstrates that the Keynesian theory of "printing money generates growth" does not work. It failed.

- What it DID was to devalue the Japanese Yen by about 24% [chart]. Their fiat currency has lost 24.7% of its value since. In other words INFLATION.

Japan, in sum, has a stagnant GDP today AND inflation [read: STAGFLATION].

But the bigger implications of this complete failure are for the FED and the unredeemable fiat Dollar.

- I think they already understand and "know" all this. Why else would the S&P have just gone 47 straight days witout a gain or loss of more than 1%...unless the markets are being "managed" [read: RIGGED]?

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