Sunday, 6 July 2014

A Few Things the Media Won't Tell Dan Friedman

Can you say catamite in Arabic? How about pederasty? Better still, have you read much about the adventures of Lawrence of Arabia? Sexual exploitation of children is a time-honored Arab tradition, and so are “honor killings” (replete with burned bodies) to erase the shame of the families. It’s standard practice in Muslim communities, even here in North America. The murdered Arab boy was known to be gay. I guarantee that brought zero naches to his mishpacha.
The Israeli authorities have arrested a number of young Jews and have let leak that at least one has confessed to the young Arab’s murder (and burning?) The problem for the Israeli sleuths - and Netanyahu who has already pronounced the case solved- is the accused have good lawyers experienced in getting cases dropped when the Shin Bet’s notorious “Jewish Section” attempts to frame “settlers” for “price tag attacks” in Judea and Samaria. That is a common occurrence and a subject I’ve written about before, only now the stakes are higher for all sides.
Many news outlets have been breathing heavy about a videotape they say shows the abduction and the abductors. Have a look for yourselves and then explain to me what all their excitement is about. There’s no one home, fellas.
Folks, welcome back to the Middle Ages. Those demonic Jews are still using children’s blood for matzo, poisoning the wells and spreading the bubonic plague. Only now, you can read all about on the front page of the New York Times. In any event, we need to find a solution to this problem once and for all. Any ideas?
Dan Friedman

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Anonymous said...

The only tried and proven method is one where one does the following. Wage a serious and all out war on your enemy until you break their will to fight. Then offer terms that they can live with.
When I was over there, I told anyone who would listen to take a page from the American Indians. I.E. start up Casinos and take your enemies money. Then you have a win win for all hands involved. Everyone thoughts I was nuts but I never heard a better idea from either side.