Monday, 14 July 2014

Because they want it that way.......................from Rico

Things never seem to 'get better' no matter what flavor politician gets elected (they ALL say they are for the little guy), few voters have yet to conclude that if politicians really WANTED things to be better...they would make them better.

- No, things are going exactly the way they are intended to.

And because everybody 'knows' that free market traders get up really-really early to lose money on their precious metals trades, few have yet to conclude that there no longer are any 'free markets' and the markets are centrally planned and managed...because the bankers WANT them that way.

- Tell me this isn't 'rigged' with a straight face. Go on....

Presented are the early 'wee hours' naked-short paper smashes of the gold and silver bullion markets, followed by a double-tap from the wise guys.

- Just because they can.

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