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British Exit From The EU - Fool Me Twice, A Referendum Is Not Required

As the European Union slowly reveals itself to be the post democratic monolith that has almost completed it's long planned dismantling of the nation states, and with it any remaining civil liberties, the continued membership of Great Britain is high on the political agenda.

Whenever British membership of the EU comes to the fore it is always accompanied by the issue of a referendum, or to be more precise, the absence of one. People must be made aware that linking membership of the EU or a British exit, now known as Brexit, is a successful, tried and tested political ploy designed to hoodwink them into remaining a member.

Getting involved with a referendum is a dangerous game where the unscrupulous political class have all the power combined with the utter ruthlessness to use it. A referendum on British membership is unnecessary and in the event one is granted, the odds are that the people will lose.

"Europe's nations should be guided toward a superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation". - Jean Monet letter dated 30th April 1952

As an increasing number of British people are now realising, the European Union that we see today is indeed a carefully constructed dictatorship that was long in the planning. The slow inexorable transfer of sovereignty from the nation states to the unaccountable bureaucracy in Brussels was achieved by deceit, subterfuge and outright lies, as the Jean Monet letter confirms.
(Monet quote from here)

The British people were lied to from the very beginning by the then Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath who was fully aware of the European project but continually denied it's ultimate aim was a post democratic superstate. As the people are now realising to their cost, they have been lied to ever since by a succession of politicians from all parties who have played down or denied their dedication to the superstate project or have kept it hidden from their constituents.

The issue of a referendum on membership has also been there from the beginning but it has always been surrounded by lies and obfuscation for the simple reason that the Europhiles could never be one hundred percent confident they could win one.

Prime Minister Heath stated falsely that "European integration would not happen except with the consent of Parliaments 'and the peoples' of the new member countries"; this means a referendum.

There was no referendum when the accession treaty was signed, there was no referendum when the European Communities Act went through Parliament and there was no referendum when Great Britain finally joined in 1973.

The British people, Eurosceptics, and UKIP members in particular, should note what happened next and learn the lessons from it because it is being repeated by the current Prime Minister, David Cameron. "We Won't Get Fooled Again" sang the Who back in 1971, but don't bank on it in this case.

Like the Conservative Party is today, the Labour party was split down the middle on the issue of European Club membership and promised a renegotiation of terms followed by a referendum....if they were elected in the 1974 general election. They were duly elected and entered into a sham renegotiation which changed nothing and a referendum followed. The appalling behaviour of the establishment in recent Euro elections pale into insignificance compared to what happened in that referendum campaign.  This in turn will be an even weaker shadow of the next one if Cameron keeps his word.

The government, the entire British press, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), the big banks, the major industrial companies, all combined to deceive and lie to the British people. Like the last campaign, they insulted, demonised and ridiculed the major representatives of the 'NO' campaign.

Unsurprisingly the 'Yes" campaign won a decisive victory which they subsequently used to carry out Jean Monet's plan to the letter. Sovereignty was surrendered in a series of treaties, each shamelessly disguised as having an economic purpose or passed off as "a tidying up exercise" which didn't require a referendum.

There followed the Schengen Treaty, the Single European Act, the treaties of Maastricht, Amsterdam, Nice and finally the Lisbon Treaty which is in reality, a Constitution which gives the EU legal status as a nation. It must be noted that all three of the old legacy parties promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty but in line with the unprincipled behaviour of the modern political class, all three reneged on their promises.
(See the Treaties here)

It is the belief of a growing number of people that:

a)  Owing to the fact that the power currently being wielded by the unelected EU bureaucrats is the result of transfers of sovereignty that was achieved using known falsehoods and deliberate lies, these transfers are null and void.

b)  According to the politicians, these transfers of sovereignty did not require a referendum, therefore using the same logic, a referendum is not required for that same sovereignty to be returned to the people.

All that will be required is to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty or failing that just walk away.
(Article 50 petition here)

c) Any referendum will not be free and fair. The 'In' campaign will have access to the massive resources of the entire EU and British government machines.  This will include money, publicity and unlimited manpower. They will also have at their disposal the government-media complex and the politicised institutions, including the BBC, the Church of England, the Roman Catholic Church, the Judiciary, the taxpayer funded charities and the self serving establishment etc. etc.

The UN would pile in on their behalf and any referendum where a socialist dictatorship is at risk will undoubtedly attract the unwanted attention of Barack Obama.

d) Millions of British men and women made the ultimate sacrifice in two World Wars to prevent a German dominated European superstate and also to preserve British sovereignty for future generations in perpetuity.

It is on this last point that I will conclude. When our men and women made the ultimate sacrifice they are dead forever, therefore the sovereignty that they died for is bequeathed to us who are left, is also forever. No politicians or people, current or in the future, have the right to surrender that sovereignty and deprive future generations of the independence and personal liberties that sovereignty brings.

Trade deals, military alliances and any other form of cooperation between Great Britain and other nations can be achieved without the surrender of the peoples' sovereignty or their democracy or their individual liberties.

British sovereignty belongs to the fallen therefore it is not ours to surrender.

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