Tuesday, 15 July 2014

"Bubbles" Yellen speaks to Congress...................from Rico

"Bubbles" yellen gave her Humphrey-Hawkins testimony to Congress today (7-15).

With Yellanke of the FED explaining that there are some 'bubbles' in equities but the economy is doing "OK"....what BETTER time for "someone" to DUMP $2.3 billion in notional Gold futures (17,000 contracts)?

Of course, this resulting monkey-hammering of Gold's (and Silver's) anti-status quo spot price oddly coincided with an even odder v-shaped recovery in the equities markets.

This not-coincidentally follows the Cartel's $1.3 billion paper Gold DUMP on the COMEX yesterday (7-14) which did suppress the spot prices of Gold and Silver, but failed to accomplish driving Gold's price below $1300. That is why the massive naked-short paper raid again today.

Just another "new normal" day in managed price discovery. Move along now, there's nothing to see here......

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