Thursday, 24 July 2014

Building An EU Empire From The Atlantic To The Urals Without A Mandate

One has to give credit to the European Union and its leaders for the way they can deceive their respective peoples with what is a continuous tissue of lies, obfuscation and deceit and get away with it unscathed. Having a government-media complex in their back pocket is a big help off course, along with compliant populations who are beaten down with a deluge of propaganda unheard of since the days of the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.

Their belief in propaganda combined with their utter contempt for the views of their people has led these elitists to believe they can re-order the world without consulting those who's lives will be drastically altered.

The Divine Right of Kings may have gone the way of King Charles the First's head, but it has reappeared with a vengeance in the new post democratic age and it is used ruthlessly by this new generic political class. These politicians have been conditioned to believe that their global agenda is somehow 'divinely' inspired and must be imposed at all costs regardless of any objections from the people who will suffer the consequences.

As we know from the Jean Monet strategy, the EU was conceived and expanded by a series lies deliberately employed to fool the people into a federal superstate without them realising their fate. This has been the strategy employed ever since by politicians of all parties who are dedicated to the superstate project.

Despite his claims to be otherwise, British Prime Minister David Cameron is the consummate European politician who has mastered the art of saying one thing to the British people and something totally different to the European audience he is trying to woo.

At home he is trying to stem the tide of Euroscepticism by claiming the EU must be reformed as a condition for British membership or the EU must drop its insistence on 'ever closer union'.  He is going to re-negotiate Britain's term of membership and take back control of the borders etc. etc. In Europe he is letting slip the true ambitions of the EU which is to have an empire from the Atlantic to the Urals while speaking in the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan.

Cameron states that "Britain has always supported the widening of the EU" - no it hasn't, the people have not been consulted so he cannot speak for Great Britain. What he means is that the political elite want to expand the EU empire to snare as many other peoples as possible into their clutches in an effort to accumulate power.

In his arrogance he also states that "Our vision of the EU is that it should be a large trading and cooperating organisation that effectively stretches, as it were, from the Atlantic to the Urals". When he says "our vision" who is he referring to?  The result of the last European elections clearly demonstrate that it's not the British people. Again he is speaking on behalf of the political elite not the British people.

Even in his speech to the Kazakh audience he refuses to tell the whole truth; he makes reference to a "large trading and cooperating organisation" but fails to mention the surrender of sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats that will end any democratic aspirations the Kazakh people may have had after their liberation from the Soviet empire.

(Read the story here)

He tells the British people that the current EU is out date and unacceptable in its present form only to tell his East European audience that "we have a wide vision of Europe and have always encouraged countries that want to join".   There's that "we" again.

In an attempt to fool the people Cameron has reshuffled his Cabinet to include a supposed Eurosceptic Phillip Hammond as Foreign Secretary.  Apart from saying that he would vote to leave the EU if it doesn't change he has done little to convince anyone he wants a free, independent and sovereign Great Britain.
(Hammond story here)

At the same time as Hammond is unconvincingly talking about a possible British exit, the top conservative in the House of Lords is proclaiming that a British exit "is not an option".

Lord Popat, the Conservative Chief Whip and spokesman for the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, stated that  "there is no chance that the UK could leave the EU".

Maybe Cameron could enlighten the British people as to which one of his senior lieutenants should be believed. Bearing in mind that Lord Popat is appointed, not elected, he is more in line with the EU modus operandi. Hammond voting to leave doesn't mean Britain actually will, the odds must be on the noble Lord.
(Lord Popat story here)

Despite his claim to be listening to the British people and that he "gets it" with reference to their immigration concerns, Cameron continues to lie - he could do the decent thing for once in his disreputable political career and tell the truth:

He is committed to the EU project as it stands today.

There will be no meaningful renegotiation of membership terms. The EU leaders have already said so.

The British government will not repatriate any powers.  On the contrary, sovereignty will continued to be slowly and inexorably surrendered.

The British government will never regain control over the borders and uncontrolled mass immigration will continue.

He is committed to expanding the EU empire to include Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Serbia and that means giving unlimited access to the British people's taxpayer funded welfare system to another one hundred and thirty nine million impoverished people who may not be compatible to the British way of life.

The EU has been a disaster for the British people and their way of life.  The only vision they have is to be rid of it and be a free, independent and sovereign nation once again.


Footnote: Attempts to coerce Ukraine into the EU empire has resulted in a bloody civil war, trying to do the same with other Soviet Republics like Kazakhstan would be disastrous, but thats another story.  


Anonymous said...

What nonsense. Ukraine wanted freedom from Russia long before the EU existed. Stalin starved millions to death and Russified the East.

Ukraine are fed up of being Russia's b'atch.

Stop talking nonsense. There is a storm brewing. It will be a fight between right and wrong. Know where right is.

Daniel Thomas said...

I would respectfully suggest you settle down and read the article again.
It doesn't say that Ukraine doesn't want freedom from Russia or from being Russia's b'atch as you say.

Its about the EU empire building without the consent of the people.

It is my belief that EU interference in Ukraine and the former Russian Republics will escalate the situation and spread the conflict.