Sunday, 6 July 2014

"If I were Ted Cruz..."

H/T Doug Ross


Nelson said...

Six words: shut up and take my money!

Anonymous said...

Will this comment stay? Is there Free Speech, I hope so.
Trevor Louden talks great but disappoints now. And many keep pushing this issue. (What does Karl Rove and the other RINOs pay?)
Mark Levin wants more power to the government and to bring a new Constitution. (Liberty amendments = more power; not less, and ,convention of the states' which Glenn Beck wants too, btw is truly known as a constitutional convention to throw out the old and bring in a new with the idiots, liars, thieves, and evil of corrupted so-called 'representatives.') Any so-called balanced budget amendment would enshrine more power to government, not less. (Remember the Federal government has only 'limited enumerated powers' which have been sold out by so many over years of BS representation.
Allen West is all hot air/red meat thrower - Voted for the Pigford scam and allowed the Marxist 'gang of eight' -not State representation- as intended by the Constitution to go forward. Also, progressive caucus member.
Sarah Palin sold out to the RINOs - Endorsed Orrin Hatch who just played out some of his dealings in the Mississippi Thad Cochran election corruption. Sarah talks about the ole boy’s network and then she endorses the 40+ year corrupt Orrin Hatch (Geez).
Ted Cruz – Renounced his Canadian citizenship and his Father was not an American citizen thus not eligible, period! (Two wrongs do not make a right) [See Minor vs. Happersett c. 1874 SCOTUS; In the case of Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1874) in the only on-point U.S. Supreme Court decision of which I am aware, the Supremes ruled that the term "natural born citizen" means that BOTH parents AND the baby have to be born in the United states. Therefore, Two Citizen Parents = Natural Born Citizen]. This is another thing Mark Levin is trying to convince others of, that Cruz is eligible when he is not. Cruz has been requested in October to come forward and tell all he is not eligible but so far has refused. Cruz too then, does not care about the Constitution either unless it fits his talking points for the day (Cruz does talk good for the most part though).
Bolton went RINO a while back too.
Ben Carson does not support second amendment.
Rand Paul - 1) No voter ID, 2) Amnesty and 3) Endorsed Mitch McConnell (Say no more)
What is needed is real citizen Statesmen.
Trevor Louden is now suspect on anything he says from this point forward.

Anonymous said...

Thank You!
Tried to post on 'Noisy Room' and was taken down. Noisy Room has some good content but people need to be selective on what is being put out, you know, the thing largely missing from many today -Critical Thinking.
Similar comments on this same issue were taken down by Dick Manasseri which speaks volumes about where he stands.
Also, Terresa Monroe-Hamilton will not let anyone bring facts to the Natural Born Citizen issue regarding Ted Cruz or 'they will be blocked' and 'banned as trolls.' Sound much like a so-called liberal; all 'tolerant' unless/until you disagree with them. S, take what is put out with Noisy Room with caution.
Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

Doug Ross has taken down comments similar to the above. That should tell you where he, and most of the 'Noisy Room' crowd is. Obviously not for Free Speech and therefore not a real American Blog.