Saturday 19 July 2014

Late News.............

And, saying "the militia did it" does not take the schneid off of the rooskies ....

Chicago crime poses political headaches

"Militia" & "partisans" my ass .... russian command and control .... russian bird .... russia shot down the malaysian jet ....

Who Needs Dentists? Early Humans Ate This Weed

How long would Batman last in the real world?

BLOODY PULP: Dad Catches Man Raping His Son, Then This Happens

CNN Removes Reporter Diana Magnay From Israel-Gaz​a After 'Scum' Tweet

Couple Could Be Fined $500 if They Water Lawn, $500 if They Don't - CA cities don't like brown lawns, despite state mandate to conserve water

Islamic State stones women to death in Raqqah

Woodlands woman's three-stor​y closet is her half million dollar "she cave"

Retirees: Sitting disease may be killing you

The Detail In This Hummingbird Photograph Is Unreal

John Daly has busty women on his pants at the British Open

ALLEN WEST: Obama’s “Flexibility” Responsible for 298 Souls on MH17

Hillary: Grandchild Might Keep me from Running

As the West declines, Russia fills the vacuum

Los Angeles awaits earthquake that could be the 'Big One'

How America fell in love with British TV

‘Doomsday sputnik’: Russia said to launch new missile-attack warning satellite

Russian missile so deadly, MH17’s occupants unlikely to have been alive for fall from 33,000 feet, doctor says

Hamas militants slip through untouched tunnel — two Israeli soldiers die in ‘lethal attack’

How Human Intelligence (HUMINT) works for Israel’s Gaza operation – its crucial eyes on the ground

Canadian PM Stephen Harper Courageously Slams Hamas' Terrorism

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Anonymous said...

Russia has blood on their hands.

Meanwhile, the dead lay rotting in fields, russians loot the bodies and interfere with the evidence.

If our leaders had any balls, they would send in a force comprising of airborn troops, with gunships and strike aircraft. Any SAM that lights up the assets gets vaporized.