Friday, 18 July 2014

Looks like a duck, quacks..................from Rico

You would have to be a kool-aid drinking Democrat (C), or Paul Krugman, or....forgive me I'm being redundant here...a complete IDIOT to NOT see the obvious market manipulation here.

Forty-five tons of paper Gold was "dumped" in two minutes on the COMEX yesterday, on THE lowest-volume trading day of the year, on NO news, with NO trigger events, and NO volatility in any related securities markets (stocks, bonds, dollars. commodities)?

- Yeah. Riiiiiight. Sure.

It may look like a duck, and even quack like a duck, but the CRIMEX shits fraud like a goose....and a criminal one at that.

- The only thing being cooked, however, is anyone who still plays in these blatantly rigged markets.

If you do not hold it or posses it, you do not own it.

- Mackie (Mack the knife) Messer does. [A respectful nod to both Bertold Brecht AND Ann Barnhardt here]

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