Saturday, 5 July 2014

Muslims Change the Subject....................from Dan Friedman

[Let’s face it, the muzzies have perfected the fine art of propaganda. The counter-kidnapping and murder they fabricated for the occasion obscured the outrage from the real atrocity they perpetrated against the Jews only a few days earlier. Pure genius from the wonderful people who brought you the highly entertaining Muhammad al-Durrah hoax! I recommend that once “Palestinian” Muslims get tired of killing Jews, they head to Hollywood or Madison Ave. Fresh ideas are always welcomed.
Today, another round of barrages by Hamas has provoked lots of IDF troop movements and strong words from Netanyahu, but so far, not much in the way of true action. (Destroying empty fields and empty office buildings don’t qualify.)
But who knows? Some good may come out of this yet. The last remaining Netanyahu apologists may be forced to see the light. df] 

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