Saturday, 12 July 2014

Netanyahu: World Pressure Won't Stop Offensive....................from Dan Friedman

[This one’s for real. From an AP report by way of Canada. df]

The Associated Press Posted: Jul 11, 2014
Israel's prime minister says he will not cave in to international pressure
H/T: Hashem
[You may (or may not) recall that I wrote several times in the past that the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt represented a crucial defeat for Obama and his scheme to bring the terrorist organization to power elsewhere in the Middle East. Can you imagine if Egypt was still run by the MB during Operation Protective Edge? It would mean Israel would need to spread its resources to guard against and repel attacks on its southern border abutting Gaza and Gaza’s border abutting Egypt. Now it has one thing less to worry about, and Israel can concentrate on pulling the wings off Hamas, one by one by one. df], 7/10/2014  

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