Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Ebola Crisis Deepens, 500+ Dead

Analysis: Al Qaeda attempts to undermine new Islamic State with old video of Osama bin Laden

US advisers give dark assessment of state of Iraqi military

ORWELLIAN PRESIDENT: Obama Wants The Power to Address Entire Nation At Once On TV and Radio

Reporter Suspended for Comments in Response to Cop Killer's Wife's Rant

First woman arrested under Tennessee law that criminaliz​es pregnancy outcomes

Calif. OKs $500 fines for wasting water

What Democrats always forget about Hillary

White House political director refuses to testify

French Jewry’s Moment of Truth

We Can See Political Bias From Space - World leaders illuminate their hometowns like a Lite-Brite

Waiter Fatih Ozcan will get half of boss' $1.7M lottery jackpot for predicting win thanks to judge

Some People Ignored Writing for Thousands of Years

Scalia’s major screw-up: How SCOTUS just gave liberals a huge gift

Appeals court allows race in Texas college admissions

SHOCK VIDEO>>> Illegals Arrive in Bus and Shop at Walmart With EBT Cards

Hamas got rich as Gaza was plunged into poverty

Reid: The Border is Secure

Shaming Won’t Stop China’s Salami Slicing

Still Looking for Obama’s Rebalance to Asia? Support a Deal with Iran

The real problem with French food? It's boring

B-2 stealth bomber, at age 25, to get major upgrades from Air Force

In Russia's Shadow: Searching for the Roots of the Georgia Problem

Massive Kabul car bomb kills at least 89, Taliban denies responsibility

The Vatican in Danger

As the Israeli Cabinet delays its decision, Palestinians hammer Tel Aviv with heaviest barrage yet

Kurdish Forces: ISIS Using Chemical Weapons

Dutch state 'liable' for 300 Srebrenica deaths

How Congress Can Help Israel Against Hamas

1 comment:

Lola said...

Re the B2 Stealth Bomber link, which I read. This passage stands out:

That is good news for west-central Missouri. The Air Force reports that Whiteman, which employs more than 7,600 people, had an economic impact on the region of more than $650 million in 2013.

This 'boost' can only come at the expense of American's elsewhere as all these funds must either be taken in taxation from the profits of private business or borrowed in the market. This idea that military spending creates an economic boost is false.

But, I agree that a competent and well equipped military is necessary for defence. But always think of it as an overhead.