Friday, 4 July 2014


Ari Shavit and American Jewry

Is the Economy Already in Another Recession?

Army Wants a Harder-Hitting Pistol

US Has Secretly Had Troops in Somalia Since 2007 - Deployment was hushed up for security reasons

In the Year 2025, the World Will Be a Much Smaller Place

Airbus: Pilots don't really need windows

‘Air-Heads’: Hobby Lobby Panic Confirming Women Stereotypes?

The Secret Cost of a Surveillan​ce Society

VA bonuses went to officials at delay-pron​e hospitals

Clinton speech cost UConn Foundation $250,000

Tibetans' Genetic Edge Didn't Come From Homo Sapiens - High-altit​ude fitness hails from an extinct hominid cousin, the Denisovans

N.J. cheerleade​r shot execution-​style on the street

Fourth Of July Picnic About $6 Per Person This Year

HART: Obama administration’s selective prosecution of opponents

Sen. Marco Rubio wants answers about Volusians’ long trips for Social Security hearings

Army pelican back on its perch in downtown Pensacola

Florida Gov. Rick Scott honors veterans in Pensacola

Congressman Alan Grayson's spouse fights back against bigamy allegation

Gov. Scott seeks break for Tampa’s last cigar factory

Darden bets big on $40M Olive Garden makeover

Killer of Immigration Reform Identified As David Brat

Benghazi suspect has 'extensive contacts' with jihadist leaders in Libya

Rome's Colosseum Was Once a 'Condo' - Amphitheat​er functioned as a 'condo' for centuries

Man, 97, Killed in Home Invasion, Suspect Arrested

The Fine Art of Japanese Parquetry Using Razor-Thin Slices of Wood Mosaics


Obama Demands “Economic Patriotism”

Iraqi quagmire spurs independence movement in Kurdistan

Why the New Caliphate is Irrelevant

Now that our forces have stopped being killed, we’ve lost interest

Iraq detains Sunnis in Baghdad to pre-empt activation of Islamic State 'sleeper cells'

Islamic State fighters seize key Syria oilfield after rival faction switches allegiance

Israel sends troop reinforcements to Gaza border. National home front on heightened alert

Watching The Revolution Unfold on Independence Day

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