Monday 21 July 2014

Note to Bibi: BHO Has Never Been Weaker.......................from Dan Friedman

Prime Minister, the latest news has Kerry on a plane heading to Israel. Please Mr. Netanyahu, don’t allow Obama or his lickspittle to stay your hand in the current Gaza “operation.” Since Israel’s last incursion in 2012, BHO has become the laughing stock of his own country, and many world leaders now snicker when they hear his name. To put it bluntly, it’s been awhile since our allies or foes took Obama seriously. Why should the great state of Israel treat him any differently?
In short, Bibi, this time around Obama has neutered himself and you’re out of excuses about caving in to his “pressure.” Please don't be the last man on earth to show Obama any respect. Instead, bring us the body of terror master Ismail Haniyeh in a plastic bag – even if you have to attack the hospital he is hiding under! You’re not afraid the international community will start getting angry at Israel - or are you?

Sir, here  is my personal prayer: Blessed are you Hashem who gives your people a mighty arm – and the will to use it.

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