Saturday, 19 July 2014

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I Didn't Want To Do This

Israel Must Destroy Hamas Tunnels—No Matter How Long It Takes

How to win in Gaza by Caroline Glick

The russians are probably the only one with the skills to launch the missile likely to have shot down the malaysian jet liner

Of the stupid things the russians did, taking the missile launcher home w/ two absent (e.g., "fired") birds, was the most stupid of all ....

Missile "Diplomacy" - U.S. Not Connecting the Dots

"Jihad City": The Hague

What if Hamas Had Military Superiority?

US Becoming The Brazil of North America-Wh​en Did We Vote For That?

Space Florida pursues large Pensacola development

Desert Storm air boss: Ukrainian situation 'stinks from a military standpoint'

Marines leaving Eglin for new base; F-35s to follow in '15

Scenic Highway Reopens

Crist Chooses Miami-Dade ‘Working Mom’ As Running Mate

Candidate’s proof of residency: Sign on his bedroom door

Possible deal including Turner rattles Atlanta’s cage

Diamonds in the sky: Alabama family finds engagement ring, band on balloon in backyard

No shirt, no shoes, no scalping? Resales likely to be difficult for Kenny Chesney show at Flora-Bama

'Damn the torpedoes!': Three-day celebration to commemorate 150th anniversary of Battle of Mobile Bay on Aug. 1-3

Littoral combat ship program gets funding boost in Senate defense spending bill

CAN OF WHOOP ASS: Hannity Wonders If Obama Will Put Golf Flags at Half-Mast

This Guy Is Cyberstalk​ing the World's Cats in the Name of Privacy

Blue State Blues: Civil War Rages in Breakaway California Republics

Obama's MH17 Statement Betrays Incoherenc​e

Yellen's Denials About Inflation Will Curb Fed's Independen​ce

Analysis: Israel's Gaza offensive may take 1-2 weeks

5 tips to improve battery life on your phone

Perry: If the Feds Don't Secure Texas' Border, Then Texas Will

Early U.S. analysis finds pro-Russia rebels downed plane

Lesbians say bar tossed them over a kiss

Fish oil can protect against brain damage seen in alcoholics

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Anonymous said...

Russians shoot down an airliner, killing 80 children.

US expect Europe to do something.

Europe expect US to do something.

Impotent bureaucrat cowards with not an ounce of leadership.

Ukraine needs air patrols combined of US, Australia, UK, Dutch jets - and Malaysian if an Islamic country would be capable of doing something selfless. Any time an anti Air threat pops up, neutralise it.