Friday, 25 July 2014

Thus Spake Krugman......................from Rico

Ho hum.

Just another 'typical' instant dumping of a billion dollars worth of notional gold futures again yesterday [read: naked shorts]. Silver was also monkey-hammered in sympathy with Gold. Same old, same old price suppression on the CRIMEX (it's sure a good thing they will be handling the "Silver fix" now instead of London. Irony, thy name simply reeks of it....the "fix" is certainly "in" now!).

- This is not a great way for an investor to make money, but it works a treat for central banker's skeered to death that the fiat train is running away from them.

One might presume that everything is just swell with the world and the dollar.

- Just hunky-dory.

To confirm this, Krugman says so and adds that all the doom-and-gloomers were big worry warts and scaredy cats.

- Yeah, that's a good reason to not own Gold or Silver. Just listen to the guy who hasn't gotten anything right in his life.

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