Sunday, 13 July 2014

Witnessing history...................from Rico

The history books (before being rewritten to Common Core standards) used to call Abraham Lincoln "Honest Abe" and described how he saved the constitutional republic and freed the slaves.

Several times recently political operatives working out of (the Red Shed) what used to be called the White House have attempted to cast (Barry Soetoro) Barack what's-his-real-name as a modern-day version of Lincoln.

- They must have been on some quality drugs to make such an assertion...and not just once, but multiple times.

For 'some' reason that meme just never really caught on with Americans.

- Wonder why?

For one thing, this guy will NEVER be called "Honest Barry." Even among career politicians he is a congenital liar without any peer, and he is using money stolen from the current wage-slaves to put shoes on the feet of the new welfare-slaves he is importing so they can help him walk all over the soon-to-be-former consitutional republic right along with him.

- They are at least bringing their own drugs with them as they wear their "Obama shoes" (see pic).

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