Sunday, 7 September 2014

Churchill is Dead but Israel Lives......................from Dan Friedman

Caroline Glick has written another excellent column: The dilemma of the Jewish leftist. But still I have these comments:
Someone opened the bowels of the earth and let the demons out. In due course, contradictions between the USA Left and USA Jewish Left will become a sideshow of relative insignificance. (The pro-Zionist community can't stop the performance of a flagrantly anti-Semitic opera at the Met right here in Jew York City - even while Israel is under terrorist attack!)
The fiends have to overrun Israel before they can get to the West. To them, time is not of the essence, destroying the infidel is. If Israel remains unwilling to deliver a crushing blow to the evil that abuts it - and pull at least one arm out of the Islamic octopus - how on earth can the rest of the civilized world be expected to hold the hordes off or push them back? Potentially, we’re talking about turning the clock back to 1683 with no guarantee we’ll have the same success.

So how’s this for irony? In the current era, the object of mankind’s frenzied hatred is the only thing that can save it.

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