Tuesday 24 February 2015

A History of Muslims in America.................

Given Obama's obsession with the "Muslim thread" through America's founding--what evidence is there?  None.
Jews were involved in the revolutionary war, on both sides in the Civil War.
Several of our Founders studied the Bible IN HEBREW.
Their interpretation of Judaism figured into the Declaration of Independence.
The main financier and fundraiser for the Revolution was Hyam Salomon.
George Washington wrote a letter to the Hebrew Congregation in Rhode Island, NOT to a mosque (I don't think there was one).
The Philadelphia Jewish Museum, near Constitution Hall, has plenty on Jews in America.
What will Obama come up with next?
Perhaps he will find a long-ignored section of the Federalist Papers on Sharia....
Who can say?
His Homeland Security Head has as a priority making sure Muslims are treated well.
His head of NASA is trying to get Muslims involved in the space program.
There is this priority on admitting Muslims into the country and the Federal government, states and local government are making all sorts of accommodations.
There is that saying that everyone has a right to his or her opinion but not to his or her facts.
There are no facts to support Obama's persistent exposition that Islam and Muslims have been an integral part of America from the beginning.
--Rudy Guiliani may not be entirely elegant in his use of language, but some of what he says is worth considering.

H/T Shelly

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