Thursday 26 February 2015

Bad Day.....................from Dan Friedman

I knew this day was coming 5-years-ago when Obama led Netanyahu out of the White House by the service entrance. I repeatedly warned people on my list, including some influential Israelis, that it was time to adjust Israel's strategy to a USA with a hostile president. And I remember saying just that on the next day while Netanyahu was flying back to Israel. In my naiveté I imagined the adjustment would start on the plane! I'm very sorry I couldn't persuade anyone over there of any substance. And it's no consolation for me to say I tried. And even less consolation to say, this is how Jews have always behaved. We ignored a giant like Jabotinsky, so what chance did I have?
But I intend to keep fighting, even if the fight just got rougher. The stakes have never been higher and evil has overrun my country.

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