Wednesday 25 February 2015

Can Barack Obama LAWFULLY keep the White House for a 3rd-term?...from TPC

This article poses the following question: 

Is it possible that Barack Obama will seek a 3rd-term in the White House due to anarchy and civil unrest that only martial law and a 'temporary' suspension of constitutional rights can cure?


Dan said...

He cannot serve a third term legally. Suspending rights for citizens is unrelated to the amendment specifically prohibiting a third term. The .gov has a plan of continuity for emergencies and no reason exists for him to stay in office. Not that he might not attempt this. And since to date NOBODY has done jack effing Shiite to stop ANYTHING he has done so far I have no doubt he and those who control him believe they could get away with sch a crime.

Anonymous said...

I remember the same question was asked about Bill Clinton

Quentin said...

We heard much the same thing about Bush. It was rubbish then and it's rubbish now.

Anonymous said...

The 22nd Amendment prohibits third terms.

Of course, Section 1 of Article Two also prohibits foreigners from the Presidency, and we've got ourselves a Kenyan.

And the Second Amendment prohibits infringements of the right to keep and bear arms, which has been a dead letter in this country since 1934 or thereabouts.

I could go on.