Tuesday, 28 April 2015

American Intifada?.....................from Dan Friedman

Have a look at this BBC Video broadcast only a few hours ago. It shows that riots are still ongoing in Baltimore. (A state of emergency has just been declared) Then think of the almost identical scenes you’ve watched from Israel over the years, and see if you’re not reminded of the Arab mobs that have been part and parcel of every Arab uprising (intifada) since the first one in 1987. In Israel, it started with rocks too.
So where do we go from here? It doesn’t take much imagination to figure it out. All we need is another ham-fisted police overreaction one hot summer night to set off a chain reaction. But whenever it happens, or whatever precipitates it, it would certainly not be a good time to hold a presidential election, if you get my drift.
All the mobs have to do now is get organized, and Al Sharpton and the Black Panthers are on the way to Baltimore as I write this.

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poletax said...

In a couple thousand years from now some aliens from some where are gonna explore what is left of the Earth.
At archaeologist digs they will be scratching their heads wondering why officials and other so called authorities let insects burn down their own neighborhoods and loot entire communities?
They will wonder why security forces could not defend themselves from personal attacks?
Where the aliens would use overwhelming counter strikes to quell attacks,all the humans were allowed to do was retreat.
Students of ancient history will be stunned by old news reels showing simian trash driving police back with rocks and bottles,while police have access to squad guns,chain cannon and Daisy Cutters.
Instead of seeing the bugs thru scoped weapons,the world watches thru the lens of the so-called journalists cameras.