Thursday 8 October 2015

Database Security Compromise.....................from Rico

Scottrade, and many others, advertise their trading services as FAST, EASY, and SAFE.
- Two outta three ain't bad, but re-consider the 'safe' part.
Scottrade accounts were compromised in 2013-2014, and clients are just now (Oct 2015) finding out about the security breach.
- Some other financial services entities and trading platforms apparently were also compromised. NFI.
Apart from a cautionary to get paper stock certificates and remove oneself from the failure and/or malfeasance of a Brokerage House [MF Global, Sentinel] and their convenient-for-them "street registration" system, here is another good reason to get OUT of that system.....cyber security.
But, on the other hand, "what, me worry?"......the government is always there to help!

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