Friday, 11 March 2016

Hey Bernie & Hillary, and GOPe.......................from Rico

Watching the two leading Socialists of the Democratic (C) Party and the "Socialist-lite" GOPe candidates debate only serves as a reminder that they are NOT going to "solve" America's problems, they are merely textbook definitions and examples OF America's problems.
Here's a big CLUE...not just for Bernie or Hillary or the GOPe, but their supporters as well:
- The people building rafts are not heading TO Cuba, but are trying to get away FROM it (much like the "boat people" who fled the Republic of South Vietnam when it was turned into a socialist paradise at the point of a gun).
Just ask anyone from Cambodia, or....Venezuela (it's too long a list to include every place that has embraced the dream of a socialist paradise) how your brand of socialism worked out for them?
- Yup. Ideas so good, they have to be made MANDATORY.
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