Monday, 28 March 2016

Medical Cartel Escalates War Against Patients..............................

A friend sent this to me this morning. When I read this I was livid,  mainly because many of us have been harmed, maimed and lost loved ones via the medical cartel. We know this to be a fact. Are the perpetrators so afraid of us that they need to carry guns in the work place to protect themselves against us? Isn't it ironic that hospitals and nursing homes are gun free places, yet they are promoting  a  gun on nurses sites. The comments from many nurses are unbelievable, if you care to read them. The site is called Nurse Shirts on FB. I had do a search on this gun  because it looked like a plastic toy.  This is S&WSD40VE.  Most  emergency rooms  in major cities have their own police force. Why is it these nurses think they need guns to protect themselves from us? Are they that bad at doing their jobs and they know it?  It appears that the medical community is escalating war against patients.
Here is a comment I copied from the Nurse Shirts site made by a nurse: B.  S. D.  "All E.R. staff should have one waiting for the scum coming to kill his Bi___ and anyone trying to stop him".  (I removed the nurse's full name to avoid legal controversy). 
Will  nurses, EMS and all medical personnel having contact with patients  fall under the protection of tort reform much the same way  doctors are protected when they inflict harm by either maiming or killing their patients by preventable medical errors, in case one of them haphazardly  shoots someone by mistake? 
Mari Robinson, Director of the Texas Medical Board since 2001, wants her investigators to carry guns to protect themselves and requested Texas Governor Greg Abbott to consider using tort reform for carte blanche  protection. Ms. Mari Robinson also works  with DEA agents without search warrants confiscating doctors and patients confidential records. These actions send out messages loud and clear.  Those who do not fall in lock-step, have succumbed to the evil that is revealing itself in America.
If medical personnel  will be legally allowed carry guns in the work place,  so should patients and their loved ones.  Just remember, a well armed society, is a polite society. 

Texas: Med Board lets DEA sneak peeks at patient records

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Cilla Mitchell


Ted said...

Excellent points. ERs get some strangies and weirdos, no doubt about it. And I expect some are violent. But arming the nurses? OK, how about the orderlies, too? And naturally, the doctors, because they're more important than the working peons. And what of those scary incidents where a psycho walk-in demands his medical records at knife point? Happens one in a million times, but you never know, do you? Ah, yes, let's arm the clerks, too!

And of course, let's give them all legal immunity from lawsuits for blasting a grapefruit-sized hole in Grannie's stomach because she gave them some lip about waiting for three hours and the nurse was tired of listening.

Holy katz.

steveH said...

Well, it might could be useful for nurses and other medical staff who work late shifts, leaving the job in the dark hours.

Seems much more of a risk to them than patients inside the hospital or clinic.

June Gardner said...

I am surprised more doctors and nurses aren't killed by the patients who they have harmed, or the families of the loved ones they have killed. A group of evil doctors butchered my healthy female organs for profit and training practice, and left me so disabled in agony since they tricked and butchered me on 2nd June 2005, and the nurses treated me appallingly in the aftermath. Every day I play scenario's of what I would really like to do to them monsters who work in the medical profession, and I'm one of the least violent person you could ever meet.