Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Memo to Israel: Stop the Reform While You Can...................from Dan Friedman

[Progressive Jewish fascists, a.k.a. the Reform sect, have a bead on Israel, and they're quickly worming their way into Israel's society in spite of their track record as messengers of religious confusion, anti-Zionism and rampant assimilation here in the USA.
Sadly, I seem to be one of the few Jews who keeps track of this concern and issues APBs about this insidious phenomenon. And when I do, I get reassurances telling me the Reform faction is heading for Jewish self-extinction in a few generations. But at the rate they're going, the Reform won't need 50 years to upend the applecart. They are already punching above their weight. They've started the war against the Rabbinates' "monopoly" and succeeded to force the Israeli government into setting aside a special place for practicing blasphemy at the Kotel, the holiest place in the Jewish world. All the while hiding behind the politically correct rubric of "diversity."
This is the time for Israel to take this on as an existential threat. I urge my friends there to confront it before it inundates the Jewish state. df]

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