Sunday, 6 March 2016

Miesha Tate Rear-Naked Choke-Hold Defeats Holly Holm at UFC 196 (VIDEO)

Whoa man!

What a fight, and this sets up Miesha Tate with a run at Ronda Rousey!

And this Miesha Tate chick is pretty hot.

Here, "Miesha Tate Chokes Holly Holm Unconscious at UFC 196 (VIDEO)":  photo MieshaTateR2fgQAojtRjm_zpsuonjyylh.jpg

LAS VEGAS -- Holly Holm seemed well on her way to retaining the UFC women's bantamweight championship on Saturday night.

Then Miesha Tate scored one of the most stunning finishes in mixed martial arts history.

Tate landed a swift takedown in the final two minutes of the fifth round at UFC 196 and landed a tight rear-naked choke. Holm tried to shake Tate off, and when she couldn't, went unconscious instead of tapping out...
Check the video at the link --- Holm starts turning purple, man!

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