Friday, 4 March 2016

No Greek in Common Core.................from Rico

Here is a perfect example of why there will never be any Greek lessons (language or history) under Common Core.
- It's better for our self-appointed rulers if everyone thinks 'anarchy' means there are no RULES. People can't be allowed to have "too much to think" and realize that they (a) don't NEED rulers, or (b) conclude that "government serves at the pleasure of the people" and not the other way around as the elites would like us to believe with "people serving at the pleasure of the government."
What a novel idea!

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Francis W. Porretto said...

The idea needs dramatization. It can get some from history:
-- Iceland was stateless for 400 peaceful years;
-- Ireland was stateless for nearly 1000 years;
-- Sumer was stateless for a long time before Christ;

...but it can also get some from fiction, and it's unclear which medium is the more effective.