Monday, 14 March 2016

The smell of fear....................from Rico

You can now smell the fear, the stench is thick enough to cut with a knife.
- The GOPe (the "establishment") is doubling-down on desperate to stop Trump. The clueless bastid's don't know whether to sh*t or go blind.
The GOPe's last "loser" selection for a Presidential candidate, the RINO Mitt Romney is campaigning for Kasich in Ohio today.
Romney's fellow RINO, the GOPe's former Democratic Speaker of the House John Boehner has just endorsed Kasich.
Since Kasich is NOT running in future primaries after Ohio, the only purpose served by his presence in the Ohio primary is to try and block Trump at the behe$t of the GOPe.
And, for those with short memories or who still fail to see Kasich as a RINO, Bill Clinton gives us yet another reason to NOT vote for is his "thank you" letter to Kasich for his supporting the assault weapons ban.
The RINO carcass of the GOPe is all but rotting under the sun............

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larryw said...

As I see it, Kasich wants a key role in the Trump admin (probably Chief of Staff as Trump needs a political insider there), so with this latest amnesty play he handed Ohio to Trump while keeping his GOPe masters happy. Rubio is toast in FL (both as a Presidential candidate and Senator). Tomorrow's not going to be fun for the establishment.