Monday 28 November 2016

A Republic, if you can keep it......................from Rico

If you 'get' the subject line, you were probably educated pre-Dept of Education [many thanks Jimmuh Carter, you ass] and pre-Common Core indoctrination centers.
- Ben Franklin was "a genius American inventor and one of the founders of America, the Republic" if you're one of the former, but he's just "a dead white male" if you're a brain-washed Young Socialist product of today's government-run skrewels.
It's not rocket science. North Korea and Iran are Democracies. America is a Republic. There is a difference between them.
- There is a genius reason why America does NOT use the popular vote and instead has an electoral college. I just gave you an illustration of 'why dat is' above. If you're somewhat dimwitted like Rachel Maddow, Jill Stein, or Hillary, the attached political cartoon is a simple picture to help you understand the concept.
But let's stop being kind, fair, and tolerant of the aforementioned Socialists-Communists and their fellow travelers.
- They intentionally use the term "Democracy" to flummox and confuse people. They know perfectly well the difference between the two political concepts of Democracy and Republic, and they intentionally lie and mislead despite knowing better.
There is a DIRECT THREAT to the American Republic (not to Democracy) and these "hate-America-first" assholes are leading the charge...because they want to be the assholes in charge of a mob-rule Democracy.

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