Monday 28 November 2016

"No Charges Against Hillary." Did Trump Speak Too Soon?..................from Dan Friedman

The one thing you never heard from the mass hysteria media was that Trump is a pushover in any sphere of life. But perhaps we all have to reassess that judgment now, since Hillary's people have yet to put down their knives. Her operatives are pushing for a recount in three key battleground states, which theoretically could reverse Trump's victory on election night. At such times as these it's always smart to have a card up your sleeve as a means to should I put it? ... "discourage" such foolish behavior.
Maybe it's not too late for Trump to say that since Hillary won't accept the nation's decision, all bets are off. Investigating Hillary Clinton for violations of the penal code is back on the table, and one of his highest priorities. Then we'll see who blinks first. President-elect Trump, the days of playing stick ball in Queens are over. You’re in the big leagues now and the game you’re playing is hard ball. Batter up!

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